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The Solution to Your Lubricant Problems

Fomblin® PFPE lubricants are clear, colorless and odorless oils that remain liquid in a very wide range of temperatures, spanning from –100°C (-148°F) up to 290°C (554°F). 

Fomblin® PFPEs are thermally stable, chemically inert, and compatible with metals, hydrogenated polymers, oxygen, and aggressive gases even at very high temperatures.

They are non-flammable and non-toxic. They have low vapor pressure, good dielectric properties, low refractive index, and low surface tension.

They represent the lubricants of choice for critical applications in aggressive chemical environments and high temperature or wide working-temperature range situations. Fomblin® PFPE oils can be thickened with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) to create white and homogeneous lubricating greases with varying consistencies.

Discover all Fomblin® PFPE grades


Fomblin ® PFPE Material Compatibility



Fomblin® PFPE Service Temperature Range

Fomblin has the widest service temperature range compared to all other synthetic lubricants.

Service Temperature Range Comparison



Fomblin ® PFPE Viscosity Comparison

Linear PFPEs show a lower viscosity variation with temperature compared to other synthetic lubricants and even branched PFPEs.



Fomblin® PFPE Evaporation Weight Loss

Fomblin® PFPEs have lower evaporation weight loss compared to other synthetic lubricants. Linear PFPEs have even lower values than branched PFPEs.