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Ixef® PARA

Aesthetics and Strength: A Beautiful Combination

Ixef® PARA (polyarylamide) provides a unique combination of strength and aesthetics, making it ideal for complex parts that require both overall strength and a smooth, beautiful surface.

Ixef® compounds typically contain 50-60% glass fiber reinforcement, giving them remarkable strength and rigidity. What makes them unique is that even with high glass loadings, the smooth, resin-rich surface delivers a high-gloss, glass-free finish producing a naturally reflective shell.


High Flow Into Thin Walls

In addition, Ixef® PARA is an extremely high-flow resin so it can readily fill walls as thin as 0.5 mm, even with glass loadings as high as 60%.

Why Ixef® PARA?

  • Very high rigidity
  • Excellent resistance to mechanical stresses
  • Rigidity, injectability for complex, thin shapes
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Very low creep
  • Slow rate of water absorption

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Market applications

The high strength, stiffness and surface appearance of Ixef® GS-1022 gamma-stabilized colors make them a cost-effective alternative to metal in the Healthcare market for single-use medical instruments and devices. A full range of ISO 10993 compliant grades complement the Healthcare Ixef® PARA portfolio.

In Automotive, Ixef® PARA is used for exterior and interior applications such as mirror housings, door handles, headlamp surrounds, and clutch cylinders

Metal-like strength and appearance from Ixef® PARA make it ideal for Appliances such as shaver heads, vacuum cleaner motor supports, and all kinds of levers. Additionally, food and drinking water compliant grades are often utilized for coffee machine components and cooking devices. 

For the Electrical & Electronics market, the structural components in laptops, tablets and smart phones molded from Ixef® PARA retain their aesthetics and strength over a lifetime of use. Other electric applications include induction motor supports and safety switches that are usually supported with flame retardant Ixef® PARA special grades.

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Ixef® PARA Product Line

Ixef® PARA compounds are available in a variety of grades to meet specific application requirements. The base resin is a semi-aromatic, semi-crystalline polyarylamide with mineral, carbon, and glass fiber reinforcement. Impact-modified, lubricated, UV-resistant, and flame-retardant grades are available as well as custom colors.