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KetaSpire® PEEK

High Temperature PEEK

KetaSpire® PEEK XT

Syensqo is taking PEEK to a new level with KetaSpire® PEEK XT, the industry’s first true high-temperature PEEK. This innovative polymer provides the chemical resistance and ease of processing of standard PEEK, while offering higher thermal performance. KetaSpire® PEEK XT provides improved strength and stiffness at elevated temperatures, improved high-temperature high-pressure performance, and significantly higher electrical properties at elevated temperatures.


The PEEK designation is based on the polymer’s 2:1 ether-to-ketone ratio, which enables the polymer to maintain the chemical resistance and processability of standard PEEK. Other high-temperature polyketones like PEK, PEKK and PEKEKK alter this ratio, therefore, they are not true PEEK polymers. Although these other polymers exhibit thermal properties that are on par with KetaSpire® PEEK XT, they lack the chemical resistance of both standard PEEK and KetaSpire® PEEK XT.


KetaSpire® PEEK XT delivers the best overall performance

  • Chemical resistance comparable to standard PEEK
  • Processing equivalent to standard PEEK 
  • Tg is 20°C/36°F higher and Tm is 45°C/81°F higher than standard PEEK
  • Improved stiffness and strength at elevated temperatures
  • improved high-temperature, high-pressure performance 
  • Significantly improved electrical properties at elevated temperatures

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