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Improved Battery Cell Performance

Compared to standard salts that are commonly used in batteries, LiFSI has significantly better ionic conductivity and thermal decomposition temperature.


Excellent Low (-20°C) and High-Temperature Performance

LiFSI improves low-temperature cycling and rate capacity and also improves high-temperature cycling, swelling capacity, and resistance. 

LiFSI works at low temperatures. Low temperature is important for EV for cold cranking. At very low temperatures, the batteries are not very efficient Once it starts up then it begins to warm. Adding LiFSI to a regular electrolyte that is typically used brings improvements in every performance aspect.


Highest Quality and Purity

Syensqo LiFSI has the best in class quality with excellent impurity control and has stable electrochemical properties.  

LiFSI salt is often available for customers in a powder form which then has to be dissolved in a solvent that takes time and resources. Our high quality, high purity LiFSI is ready to use as it has already been well dissolved in an EMC solvent thereby reducing formulation time for our customers. 

Our LiFSI also has a very strong IP position so it can be used worldwide.