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The Lithium Salt Reference from Syensqo

Syensqo LiTFSI (lithium bis-trifluoromethanesulfonimide) is the lithium salt market reference with outstanding electrochemical properties, high stability (chemical and thermal) that ensure safety and performance to its main end-use applications: electrical vehicles, e-bikes, flat panel screens, smartphone, laptop & powertools. 
Leader in advanced fluorinated technology, Syensqo is producing LiTFSI and its derivatives since more than 10 years thanks to a unique, sustainable and competitive patented process, providing global electronic solution.



LiTFSI (or TFSILi) is a key component for Li-ion batteries in liquid electrolyte as well as solid electrolyte (LMP batteries) with high ionic conductivity and chemical /thermal stability providing:

  • High battery performance
  • High intrinsic safety thanks to  its chemical and thermal stability
  • Reduced battery cost over its lifetime
  • No aluminium corrosion
  • Reduced battery filling time with LITFSI used as separator coating

Syensqo lithium bis-trifluoromethanesulfonimide can be used as electrolyte additive or main salt. 

Thanks to its historical expertise, Syensqo also provides TFSI derivatives that can be used as solvent (ionic liquid) and TA EG as intermediate of synthesis for LiTA for instance.


LiTFSI as an Antistatic Agent

LiTFSI and its derivatives, such as ionic liquid, acts as an antistatic agent in polymer matrix for:

  • Liquid crystal display (LCD): Protective films (ITO), Polarizer component (PSA films)
  • Electrochromic display (ECD)
  • OLED

Thanks to its optical properties and surface resistivity, our LiTFSI answers the main requirements of 3C markets (Consumer electronics, Computer, Communication): transparency and performance.