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Omnix® HPPA

Omnix® Echo Solutions

High Performance. Low Carbon Footprint

At Syensqo, we are dedicated to combining sustainability with performance. Our OMNIX® ECHO solutions integrate up to 98% post-consumer and post-industrial recycled content, resulting in significantly lower product carbon footprints without compromising on quality. Whether it's coffee makers, kitchen utensils, or sports equipment, OMNIX® ECHO delivers superior results for a wide range of applications.


Why Choose OMNIX® ECHO?

  • High Recycled Content: Our products feature between 33% and 98% mass-balanced allocated recycled content from PCR and PIR sources.
  • Superior Performance: Higher mechanical performance and flowability than traditional PA6 and PA66 materials.
  • Environmental Impact: Up to 60% reduction in product carbon footprint.

OMNIX® ECHO Product Series

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OMNIX® 1000 ECHO Series

Offering up to 60% PCF reduction, this series is a drop-in solution for polyamide applications, providing excellent performance with high recycled content.

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OMNIX® 6000 ECHO Series

With up to 45% PCF reduction, this series is perfect for non-food contact applications, providing superior performance compared to PA6 and PA66.

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The first recycled base HPPA material approved for food contact applications, offering a 34% PCF reduction and 33% recycled content.

Commitment to Sustainability

OMNIX® ECHO solutions align with Syensqo's broader sustainability strategy, supporting the sustainable goals of the consumer market. By integrating recycled content from various waste streams, including fishing nets and fabric scraps, we reduce our environmental impact while maintaining high performance standards. 


Applications of OMNIX® ECHO

OMNIX® ECHO is versatile and suitable for a wide range of consumer goods, including:

  • Coffee makers (Drip & Single Serve)
  • Food processors & slow cookers
  • Ovens & air fryers
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Razor brackets
  • Sports & leisure equipment (Bikes)