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Omnix® HPPA

Omnix® ReCycle HPPA

Unique Performance with Built-in Sustainability

As we continue to increase the sustainable value of our materials through the implementation of innovative technology, we have developed a new recycled-based Omnix® HPPA.  With a minimum of 33% recycled content, consisting of 70% PIR/PCR chemically recycled resin which is highly secured and has a controlled process by the supplier, our new Omnix® ReCycle HPPA is the first-ever PIR/PCR-based HPPA with 50% glass fiber reinforcement. However, even with its increased recycled content, Omnix® ReCycle HPPA displays the same mechanical performance as Omnix® HPPA making it the ideal sustainable candidate for replacing metals and lower-performing PA66. The recycled resin used in these products is not classified as hazardous per GHS regulations and does not contain any SVHC above 0.1%.

30% Lower Global Warming Potential

In line with our One Planet roadmap, we are constantly improving the environmental footprint of our product portfolio to reduce the global warming potential (GWP) of our solutions. Many of our materials benefit from the use of green energy thanks to the research-driven evolution of our production processes. However, due to the use of recycled material, Omnix® ReCycle HPPA goes beyond, achieving 30% lower GWP with respect to virgin HPPA.

Omnix Recycle HHPA Sustainability Graphs - barcharts

Enhancing Sustainability for Consumer Appliances

As consumers are increasingly concerned about appliance longevity and achieving lower environmental impact with their product choices, OEMs are searching for high-performance, sustainable material options. Omnix® ReCycle HPPA represents a real breakthrough in the market of polyamides for household appliances as it combines built-in sustainability with the outstanding mechanical properties of virgin semi-aromatic HPPA plus better flow, lower water pickup and best-in-class surface aspect.

Solvay Omnix Recycle HPPA Graph Moisture uptake

The unique performance and sustainability profile of Omnix® ReCycle HPPA provides an attractive material solution for brand owners and manufacturers needing to increase the recycled content in their products without compromising on dimensional stability, high stiffness, impact resistance and processability.

Omnix Recycle HPPA Graph Gloss at 60°

With its excellent surface appearance, Omnix® ReCycle HPPA can also eliminate the need for painting, which adds to its overall sustainable benefits and facilitates the end-of-life recyclability of applications in an increasingly circular plastics economy.



Omnix® ReCycle HPPA can be processed on standard injection molding  polyamides types equipment, including the use of water-heated molds.