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Radel® PPSU

High-Heat Transparency with Superior Toughness and Impact Strength

Radel® polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) delivers the highest performance of our sulfone polymers. Our broad product slate offers an impressive selection of transparent and opaque color and meets a wide range of performance, price and processing requirements. 

Radel® PPSU offers impact strength similar to polycarbonate (PC) and better chemical resistance than polyetherimide (PEI). It excels in high heat and humidity environments and provides operating temperatures around 200°C (392°F) and inherent flame retardant properties. 

Why Radel® PPSU?

  • High HDT of 207°C (405°F)
  • Impact strength similar to PC
  • Better chemical resistance than PEI
  • Virtually unlimited steam sterilization 
  • Exceptional long-term hydrolytic stability
  • Transparent and opaque colors
  • Inherently UL-94 V0

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Market Applications

Radel® PPSU offers long-lasting performance in healthcare, plumbing, food service, aircraft and wire insulation applications. Medical-grade Radel® PPSU resins have a long history of providing a strong, lightweight alternative to metal in sterilizable instrument trays, implant trials and surgical instrument handles. The material is biologically inert and BPA-free, making it suitable for food service applications. In plumbing, Radel® PPSU and Acudel® modified PPSU routinely replace brass in pressurized, hot water fittings and valves, thereby eliminating corrosion and contamination from heavy metals while extending service life.  In Green Hydrogen, Radel® PPSU offers the superior strength and stability required for membrane electrode assembly components, such as subgaskets in fuel cell systems.  

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Radel® PPSU Product Line 

Radel® PPSU resins are designed to meet a wide range of performance, price and processing requirements.  They are available in transparent and opaque colors that help component manufacturers enhance product design and branding opportunities. 

Product FamilyDescriptionColors
R-5000General purposeTransparent
R-5100General purposeOpaque
R-5500Low flow for extrusionTransparent, opaque
R-5800Medium flowTransparent, opaque
R-5900High flowTransparent, opaque