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Solvay's Repel-O-Tex® Range for Fabric Care
Repel-O-Tex® Range

Repel-O-Tex® SRP6

Performance polymers for textile care and whiteness maintenance

Repel-O-Tex® SRP6: the “Generalist” solution for synthetic and mixed fabrics

Repel-O-Tex® SRP6 is designed for powder laundry detergents. Thanks to its soil release properties onto polyester fabrics, Repel-O-Tex® SRP6 offers protection against greasy soil adhesion between wash cycles.


Main attributes of Repel-O-Tex® SRP6

  • It washes away tough and oily stains. It is specially made for synthetic fabrics such as polyester or mixed polyester/cotton ;
Repel-O-Tex® SRP6 - Soil Removal Power on Dirty Motor Oil by Solvay


  • It has a unique green profile as it is biodegradable ;
  • It helps save water thanks to its powder format.


Repel-O-Tex® SRP6: non-ionic soil release polymer suitable for powder laundry and pods





Home care

  • Detergent booster
  • Protective agent
  • Soil release agent
  • Anti-graying agent
  • Easy handling
  • Whiteness maintenance
  • Mal Odor control
  • Biodegradable
  • EU Ecolabel-compatible with restriction

Powder laundry detergents