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Natural Vanillin Benefits for Chocolate and Confectionery

How can Natural Vanillin answer the Chocolate & Confectionery market Challenges?

With an expected value of over $128 billion in global retail sales by the end of 2023 and volume growth of 1.9% CAGR over the next 3 years, the Chocolate & Confectionery market is vibrant and full of innovation.

Consumers are increasingly looking for a healthier, more sustainable chocolate indulgence, resulting in significant ingredient and taste challenges to meet clean label requirements.

The market needs more transparency with natural ingredients and also sugar-reduction compensation solutions without compromising on chocolate taste experience. 

What’s inside? In this White Paper, you will discover a natural flavor labeling solution: natural vanillin made from non-GMO rice bran and its benefits for Chocolate and Confectionery products; including taste compensation in sugar-reduced recipes and Clean Labeling


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