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Rhovanil Natural Solvay Natural Vanillin

Rhovanil® Natural

Lead the Journey to Naturalness with the Most-Advanced Natural Vanillin

Rhovanil® Natural: a Unique Natural Flavor Labeling

Rhovanil® Natural is a natural vanillin range that can be labeled as a Natural flavor according to both European and US stringent flavor regulations. Made from non-GMO raw materials, Rhovanil® Natural is obtained by bioconversion of ferulic acid, a natural organic product found in rice bran. It is the market reference for natural vanillin needs, as a complement and substitute of natural vanillin from vanilla beans which remain very limited worldwide and fluctuating in terms of quality & pricing levels. 

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Syensqo: 140 Years of Experience in the Vanillin Aroma Field

Rhône Poulenc was the first to successfully synthesize an artificial equivalent of this precious molecule in the late 19th century, in France. Syensqo subsequently acquired and developed this technology, and today our flagship product, Rhovanil® Natural responds to consumer demand for natural and healthier ingredients. Twenty years ago, we made natural vanillin accessible to everyone, providing our partners with a leading-edge natural aroma on a global and industrial scale. Today, Rhovanil® Natural reaches the highest standards in purity and reliability and is designed to meet the highest levels of sensoriality while guaranteeing clean labeling.

Food Market Applications

Rhovanil® Natural brings its sweet, creamy, and cocoa-like characteristics to many applications in the food market.

  • Dairy products, ice cream
  • Chocolate, caramel, and malt flavors to complement single-flavor chemicals and cocoa extracts
  • All types of fruit flavors, including natural strawberry, raspberry, banana, and fruit blends, are transformed into sweet, creamy, candy-like profiles that are loved by children
  • Sweets and sugars containing vanilla
  • French biscuits, pastries, cakes, and custards
  • Beverages

A Leading non-GMO Natural Vanillin Solution


As vanilla bean production cannot cover the world's needs in vanillin and prices reach historic highs, Rhovanil® Natural becomes an excellent alternative or complement to natural flavorings: it is natural vanillin that meets both European regulation N°1334/2008 on flavorings (article 16) and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 21CFR101.22(a)(3) natural labeling regulations, a key advantage for international food operators. The Rhovanil® Natural range is fully compliant with the most stringent flavorings regulations in the EU and in the US as a natural standard in the food industry, cost-competitive compared to vanilla bean extract. Also, Rhovanil® Natural CW has a very clean profile that is a one-to-one replacement for standard Rhovanil vanillin.