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Solef® PVDF

Extreme Inertness in Harsh Environments

Solef® PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) is a highly non-reactive thermoplastic fluoropolymer that is inherently flame retardant. It has a high degree of purity, robust mechanical properties, electrochemical stability, and broad chemical resistance at high temperatures. Protective coatings made using Solef PVDF offer improved weathering properties and excellent resistance to UV, radiation and aging. FDA-approved grades for food contact are available.

Why Solef® PVDF?

  • ​​​​​Industry standard in product quality and consistency
  • ​​​​​Expert material advice and technical support
  • ​​​​​Only producer with both suspension and emulsion processing
  • ​​​​​Homopolymers and copolymers in powders, pellets and latex emulsions
  • ​​​​​Manufacturing sites in North America, Europe and Asia
  • ​​​​​Tailored performance via agile manufacturing  

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Market Applications

Solef® PVDF is commonly used in the chemical processing, semiconductor, membranes, healthcare, and oil and gas industries, as well as in lithium-ion batteries, wire and cable insulation, thermoplastic composites and food contact applications. Solef® PVDF foam is also gaining traction in aerospace applications. 

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Solef® PVDF Product Line 

Our portfolio offers a combination of homopolymers and copolymers in powders, pellets and latex emulsions. A wide range of molecular weights are available, from very low to ultra high. Specialty grades provide enhanced flexibility.

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