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Udel® PSU

Transparent Plastic With High Strength & Rigidity

Udel® PSU (polysulfone) is a rigid, high-strength, semi-tough, transparent plastic that offers higher heat resistance and better hydrolytic stability than polycarbonate. It retains its good mechanical properties when exposed to steam and other sterilization techniques. 

Why Udel® PSU?

  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Well suited for the fabrication of hollow fiber and flat sheet membranes
  • Stability at pH levels from 2-13
  • Excellent resistance to caustic and good resistance to chlorine
  • Low levels of extractible and insoluble materials
  • May be sterilized using steam, ethylene oxide, and e-beam radiation
  • High toughness and strength
  • Good environmental stress cracking resistance
  • High heat deflection temperature, 174°C (345°F)
  • Combustion resistance
  • Transparency
  • Approved for food contact and potable water
  • Low creep

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Market Applications


Udel® PSU polymers are particularly well suited for the fabrication of porous hollow fiber and flat sheet membranes using a solvent-based process. These high molecular weight polymers are used in a variety of membrane filtration applications, such as renal dialysis, water treatment, bio-processing, food and beverage processing, and industrial gas separation

Udel® PSU excels in many fluid-handling applications in healthcare and plumbing, and has successfully replaced brass in pressurized hot water applications for over 20 years. It exhibits low creep under a sustained load at elevated temperatures and can withstand continuous exposure to hot chlorinated water. 

Its superior thermal, mechanical, and chemical resistance properties compared to more conventional resins, make Udel® PSU the best solution in many more applications such as electrical & electronics (dairy equipment).

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Udel® PSU Product Line

This material is available in both unfilled grades and glass-reinforced grades. The unfilled grades are available in a range of melt viscosities.

Udel® P-3500 LCD MB series polymers are available in various narrow molecular weight range grades, as shown below. Each grade features reduced level of cyclic dimer. This can be important in solution processing applications such as membrane production, as it leads to improved dope solution stability and reduced equipment fouling.