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Veradel® PESU

High-performance Amorphous Thermoplastic for Wide-Ranging Applications

Veradel® PESU offers more toughness, strength, and hydrolytic stability than other transparent engineering plastics. It withstands prolonged exposure to water, chemicals and temperatures – handling a broad range of end-use temperatures from -40°C to 204°C (-40°F to 400°F).

Veradel® PESU is recommended in applications where higher thermal capability, inherent flame resistance, better chemical resistance, and improved mechanical properties are required.


Why Veradel® PESU?

  • Heat deflection temperature of 204 °C (399 °F)
  • Inherently flame retardant 
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Excellent electrical properties
  • Transparency 
  • Dimensional stability

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Market Applications

Veradel® PESU is commonly used in the electrical & electronics, membranes, healthcare, automotive industries, as well as in coatings and food contact applications.

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Veradel® HC PESU

Veradel® HC is ideal for use in high-performance healthcare applications. The material is inherently flame retardant and highly resistant to a wide range of healthcare cleaning and disinfecting agents. It retains its transparency, mechanical properties and dimensional stability in high-heat environments.

Veradel® HC PESU Solutions for Healthcare


Veradel® PESU Product Line

Veradel® PESU is available in powders, unreinforced and reinforced compounds. They have been developed in a range of melt viscosities to meet customers design, processing and functional requirements.