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Virantage® PESU

Tougheners for thermoset matrix systems

Virantage® PESU tougheners are amorphous, high-temperature thermoplastics used to improve the toughness of thermoset matrix systems while retaining high modulus, high temperature capability, hot-wet performance and resistance to aggressive environments. 

Virantage® PESU is a thermoplastic resin that is one of the most effective toughening additives commercially available. It provides excellent resistance to heat and moisture, while maintaining the desired mechanical properties of the resin formulation.

Virantage® PESU resin is produced both as a non-functionalized and a hydroxyl-functionalized resin, and both of them can be used as toughening additives.These powdered materials offer a number of key performance attributes and enhanced processability:

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Market Applications

Virantage® PESU tougheners are used for manufacturing high-performance composites for demanding structural application areas in aerospace, military aircraft, automotive, and wind power generation.

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Product Line

Virantage® VW-series polymers are available in a range of molecular weights: high (10200), medium (10300) and low (10700). A range of particle sizes is also available to meet formulators' specific needs.

  • Virantage® VW-10200 RP
    A hydroxy-functionalized PESU with an average molecular weight of 45,000 g/mole. The basic structure of this high molecular weight product is shown in Figure 4.
  • Virantage® VW-10300 P
    A non-reactive PESU for use where reactive functionality is not desired.
  • Virantage® VW-10700 RP
    Based on the same chemistry as VW-10200 RP but is approximately half the molecular weight with 3 to 4 times higher level of hydroxy functionality.