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High-Performance Long Fiber Thermoplastic



The demand for materials that provide lightweight, lower cost and superior performance has never been greater in the automotive industry. Thanks to their unrivalled combination of properties, Syensqo’s Xencor™ LFT compounds are perfectly designed to replace die-cast aluminum and other metals in structural parts and challenging technical components, where high stability, strength and corrosion resistance are key to safe and efficient performance.

Syensqo's Xencor™ LFT portfolio includes polyamide 66 (PA66), high-performance polyamide (HPPA), polyphthalamide (PPA), polyarylamide (PARA) and polyphenylene sulfide (PPS). This broad high-performance portfolio allows us to answer a wide variety of new Automotive challenges by combining the unique advantages of LFTs with the intrinsic properties of Syensqo’s specialty resins to withstand high temperatures, humidity and exposure to aggressive chemicals. Syensqo's Xencor™ LFT compounds are key contributors to lightweighting solutions, helping OEMs design conventional, hybrid and electrical vehicles that reduce fuel consumption, improve safety and deliver energy efficiency. Typical applications can be found in advanced structures (chassis pillars, CCB components, roof struts, seats), powertrain (housings, brackets), electrification (battery pack cases, supports, charge guns), thermal management (pump housings, modules), etc. 

Syensqo Specialty Polymers also offers a family of wear-resistant LFT compounds sold under the Tribocomp® tradename that provide select combinations of mechanical and tribological properties, making them an efficient alternative to metal, even when lubrication is marginal or non-existent. Typical applications are gears, actuators, etc.

In order to ensure our customers receive adequate support and guidance, we have developed reliable simulation capabilities for Xencor™ LFT & Tribocomp® LFT product lines that are of prime importance for the design of new plastic parts.




Our high-performance plastics offer distinct advantages over metal by eliminating corrosion and contamination by heavy metals and providing more sustainable material solutions. Syensqo's Xencor™ LFT compounds provide long-term performance in a wide operating temperature range, high strength, outstanding creep performances along with a high-quality surface finish. 

This combination of properties enables Xencor™ LFT to replace metal in various applications, providing greater design flexibility and significant cost savings for manufacturers. Typical applications include household appliances, powertools, lighting housings, fixing systems, etc.




Syensqo's Xencor™ LFT compounds are perfectly designed to bring new solutions to industrial applications, which are commonly characterized by severe operating environments, challenging long-term performances and complex designs. Their unrivalled stiffness-toughness properties, outstanding dynamic fatigue performance and very low tendency to creep under permanent loading conditions allow Xencor™ LFT grades to bring corrosion resistant alternatives to metals that could not be created with conventional short-fiber reinforced plastics. Additionally, greater design freedom and function integration possibilities enable attractive cost savings. 

Typical targeted applications are industrial pumps, compressor components, HVAC systems, gears, etc. 


Sport & Leisure

Syensqo’s Xencor™ LFT compounds enabled Stajvelo to make the world’s first e-bike out of advanced injection-molded composite materials.




Syensqo's Xencor ™ LFT compounds offer high strength and increased impact resistance for structural applications. These Long Glass Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics (LFTs) offer healthcare designers and OEMs new opportunities to replace traditional metal and short fiber thermoplastics used in structural medical components. Typical applications include chassis, gear systems and components that require high mechanical properties and load carrying capacity.