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Extraction of Organics

Syensqo Technologies for Extraction of Organics

Syensqo draws upon decades of experience in liquid-liquid extraction to offer highly selective reagents for the effective separation of organic molecules from aqueous streams. Syensqo's offerings provide greater efficiency in the extraction of various organics when compared to competing products. Our portfolio for liquid-liquid extraction, including CYTOP® reagents and CYPHOS® phosphonium ionic liquids, is a powerful technical enabler for the evolving industry landscape.

The development of biobased chemicals from biorenewable feed, for example, is becoming more common as sustainably focused manufacturers keep pace with changing regulations and public preference for safer, greener products.    

Biobased feedstocks are used to produce different organic molecules – such as acetic acid, furfural, lactic acid, succinic acid and phenol – which serve as building blocks for biobased chemicals. These organic molecules, however, must be separated and purified from the dilute aqueous streams where they are most commonly present. One of the major challenges in economically developing biobased chemicals is the separation and purification of organic molecules from dilute aqueous streams.


Advantages of Syensqo's Technologies for the Extraction of Organics

CYTOP® reagents are highly efficient and thermally stable options for the extraction of organic acids: acetic, formic, furfural and phenol, among others. Syensqo's reagents enable customers to use less energy versus conventional distillation separation processes while achieving desired purity levels and improved process economics. 

CYTOP®  502 and CYTOP® 503 reagents are phosphine-oxide-based extractants. They offer excellent efficiency for liquid-liquid separations of various organic molecules, as well as reagent stability and superior extraction kinetics.

Syensqo also supplies CYPHOS® ionic liquids, a versatile group of chemicals that are typically liquid at room temperature and are effective in extracting a number of organic molecules. Key benefits of CYPHOS® ionic liquids include their thermal stability, chemical stability, low vapor pressure and tunable hydrophobicity.

Among the benefits of working with Syensqo are our manufacturing capabilities and our experts. We have the assets to support large-scale production and dedicated teams tasked with providing rigorous quality control and technical support to meet the most demanding requirements.