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Phosphorus Chemicals & Phosphine Derivatives

Phosphorus Specialties

Phosphorus Chemistry for Today's Applications and Tomorrow's Innovations

As a manufacturer and supplier of phosphorus chemistries for more than 150 years, Syensqo has led the way in developing innovative, proprietary products and technologies. Our products are used in a range of applications: fumigation, electronics, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, catalyst ligands, coatings and quantum dots, among others.

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Global minded and forward thinking, we draw upon our unparalleled industry experience as we partner with customers to support their applications today and innovate for their needs tomorrow. We are fueled by our customers’ desire to stay one step ahead of their increasingly challenging business environments

Syensqo's platforms support diverse application needs

We Work the Way You Do

At Syensqo, we work the way our customers do, always adapting to changing trends and requirements.

Syensqo has the research and scale-up capabilities to produce new products that meet the most demanding specifications. We are prepared to safely and efficiently meet our customers' purity, supply and scale-up needs to transition chemistries from lab quantities to industrial scale production. To that end, our ISO-certified sites in Niagara Falls, Canada; Oldbury, England; and Zhangjiagang, China are globally integrated research, small-scale and industrial-scale manufacturing locations.  

A Syensqo representative is ready to discuss application challenges and help navigate regulatory hurdles. Together with our customers, we can unlock the potential of phosphorus chemistry to deliver more future. 


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