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Syensqo's Ionic Liquids: Customizable and Versatile

Syensqo’s CYPHOS® phosphonium ionic liquids are a versatile group of chemicals that can be modified to meet diverse application needs. Our products feature a variety of cations that allow end users to systematically screen and understand the effects of altering the cation in their application. We also offer anions ranging from halides to dialkylphosphate and tosylate. 

Syensqo’s ionic liquids can be tuned to attain properties such as solubility and charge dissipation. The breadth of our ionic liquids makes them ideal candidates for applications ranging from epoxy resin catalysts and lubricant additives to phase transfer catalysts and extractants, among others. 

Applications of Syensqo's Ionic Liquids

Typically liquid at room temperature, ionic liquids offer thermal stability, chemical stability, a wide electrochemical window, low vapor pressure and tunable hydrophobicity. Whatever your application challenge is, Syensqo has an ionic liquid with the properties to meet your needs. 

CYPHOS® ionic liquids are ideal for applications such as catalysts for epoxy resin curing. Epoxy resins are mainly used in coatings, electronics, composite materials and adhesives. They are known for their excellent adhesion, chemical and heat resistance. Solvay offers CYPHOS® IL 169, a superior latent  catalyst for epoxy resin curing. Key advantages of using CYPHOS® IL 169 include fast curing, exceptionally high Tg, excellent clarity in cured epoxy resin systems, increased hydrophobicity of cured systems and compatibility with a continuous process.      

Solvay offers ionic liquids featuring a broad liquid and viscosity range, and excellent thermal stability. These properties make them excellent candidates for lubricant applications. CYPHOS® IL 101 and CYPHOS® 482 are top candidates as lubricant additives.

Advantages of phase transfer catalysts in reactions are faster reactions, increased yields, fewer side reactions, mild conditions and raw material usage savings. Our broad range of ionic liquids is suited for use as phase transfer catalysts for various chemical reactions. Application benefits include high reaction conversion, thermal stability and recyclability.

Our phosphonium ionic liquids are effective extractants for a series of organic molecules and metal ions from aqueous streams. Customers can tailor the ionic liquid structure to meet the needs of specific extraction systems.         

CYPHOS® ionic liquids are highly efficient additives for antistatic applications. They possess excellent charge transfer, thermal stability and solubility in a variety of thermosets and thermoplastics.     



Why work with Syensqo's phosphonium ionic liquids?

1. Product Range and Availability: Syensqo has extensive experience in the development and manufacture of phosphonium ionic liquids. They can be tailored for your application and are available for commercial use. 

2. Technical Service, Support, and Product Stewardship: From handling material on-site, to technical support around products, our experienced team is ready to assist with selection, process development and manufacturing services.

3. Material Handling and HSE Support: Safety is our first priority. The Syensqo team provides information on material handling (SDS) for all of our materials.

4. Consistency of Material, Distribution Network and Security of Supply: Proven performance in management, handling, transport and quality of phosphine derivatives covering the globe.