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Phosphorylating Agents

Phosphorus Chemistry for Life Science Requirements

Modern therapeutic sciences rely on high-quality building block chemistries that support the pharmaceutical, DNA sequencing and agrochemical industries. Phosphorus compounds are commonly employed in these fields as they are the backbone of DNA and RNA, support cellular energy transfer systems, and are a structural component of bones and teeth. 

In these applications, the uses of Syensqo's phosphorus compounds are equally diverse and meet the most demanding purity requirements for life science companies. Our products make various chemical processes possible, including:  

  1. The preparation of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in prodrug form, improving the bioavailability of the drug substance 
  2. DNA sequencing 
  3. The synthesis of ingredients for the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and flavor and fragrance markets through phosphorylation

Featured Products

Phosphate for Prodrug Manufacture

Syensqo's phosphorylating agents are used to prepare prodrugs, forms of APIs with enhanced water solubility. This solubility increases the bioavailability of the API, meaning that the drug product can be administered as an injectable rather than a tablet. These phosphate prodrugs are used in pharmaceuticals for the treatment of infectious diseases, viruses (including HIV), cancer and antiemetics, such as fosaprepitant.

Our range of phosphorylating agents includes products used to prepare N-phosphonooxymethyl prodrugs from both alkyl halides and milder reagents used with amines and alcohols. 

Syensqo's high purity (96%+) products for the preparation of phosphate prodrugs can be utilized to phosphorylate a number of functional groups ranging from species requiring a mild phosphorylating agent, such as amines and alcohols, to alkyl halides.

Reducing Agents for DNA Sequencing

The reduction of disulfides to corresponding thiols is important in biochemistry. This reduction reaction enables the cleavage of cysteine derivatives in DNA sequencing and protein chemistry.

Disulfide bond reducing agents are required for a number of applications in life sciences, such as:

  • Protein extraction, purification and analysis
  • Next-generation commercial platforms for sequencing DNA for genomic analysis that use a "sequencing by synthesis" approach

Syensqo manufactures trialkylphosphines ౼ one class of reducing agents used for these applications ౼ which satisfy customers' preference for solutions that are odor-free, water-soluble and effective over a broad pH range. Syensqo offers CYTOP® 208, a totally water miscible, viscous liquid that is not particularly air-sensitive and serves as a stronger reducing agent than alternatives: tris(2-carboxyethyl)phosphine (TCEP) and dithiothreitol (DTT). CYTOP® 208 possesses greater stability over a larger pH range than competing solutions, and can be used to produce a more complete reduction than TCEP and DTT.