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Innovative UV Stabilizer for TPO Membrane Roofing

Innovative UV Stabilizer Solutions for TPO Membrane Roofing

The building and construction industry continues to evolve, with manufacturers utilizing plastic components for increasingly durable roofing, siding, moldings and more. As appealing as polymers can be for construction applications, they are prone to degradation without essential additives. This is especially true for membrane roofing. Membrane roofing polymers are constantly exposed to UV light and heat; therefore, they require UV light stabilizers to ensure durability and excellent performance during their service life. 


Polymeric Membrane Roofing Systems

In commercial construction applications, demand continues to grow for energy-efficient membrane roofing systems that can be installed easily and offer long-term performance. Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) roofing systems meet these complex needs and offer manufacturers properties like recyclability, intrinsic flexibility and excellent resistance to ultraviolet and chemical exposure. Ideal for roofing systems in commercial buildings due to their ease of installation, TPO roofing membranes can also be developed with reflective or retentive tendencies depending on customer needs.

Membrane roofing polymers for construction applications are often exposed to constant UV light and weather, impacting their service life and performance. Utilizing UV stabilizers for construction, manufacturers can ensure the performance and durability of their roofing systems. 


The Need for UV Stabilizers in Membrane Roofing

TPO membrane roofing offers some inherent UV durability and thermal resistance. However, its constant exposure to UV light and harsh weather conditions renders it susceptible to UV degradation. Therefore, manufacturers need light stabilizers that enable UV protection and color retention in this essential construction application

TPO roofing membranes enhanced with UV light stabilizers for construction withstand direct UV exposure for longer periods of time and retain their white color instead of degrading, as can be observed by a yellow tint. In addition to ensuring prolonged aesthetic properties, UV light stabilizers also enhance the physical properties of TPO roofing systems, preventing the formation of microcracks, which can cause leaks or lead to costly repairs. 


Top Polymer Additives for Membrane Roofing

Syensqo’s portfolio of UV stabilizers enhances construction polymers used in a range of construction-related applications. CYASORB CYNERGY SOLUTIONS® B877 provides long-term UV durability to polymers, balancing performance and cost for the stabilization of polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and thermoplastic olefin (TPO).  The additive is ideal for outdoor applications such as siding, fencing and even pigmented sport tiles. 

Additionally, Syensqo’s CYASORB CYNERGY SOLUTIONS® B878T for TPO roofing membrane polymers is engineered to maintain exceptional UV durability and thermal stability despite constant exposure to UV light, heat and weather. This UV light stabilizer provides excellent performance in flat roofing polymers expected to perform for 20 years or longer. CYASORB CYNERGY SOLUTIONS® B878T exceeds industrial ASTM standards with outstanding surface protection and crack resistance, non-blooming properties, and color retention, combining long-lasting UV and thermal performance. 

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