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Polymer Additives, UV Light Stabilizers, Antioxidants and Antistatic Agents
Polymer Additives: UV Light Stabilizers, Antioxidants and Antistatic Agents


Syensqo has more than 60 years of experience developing UV stabilizers and other polymer additives. We remain an industry leader in delivering targeted solutions that improve the durability and sustainability of polyolefins while decreasing plastic waste. Polyolefins continue to replace traditional materials such as metal and wood due to their cost-effectiveness, flexibility and low density. Syensqo’s polymer additives play an integral role in protecting the appearance and physical properties of polyolefins, enabling adherence to service life and market-specific needs. Our broad range of UV light stabilizers, antioxidants and antistatic agents help customers balance performance, cost and sustainability requirements so that they stay ahead of evolving industry dynamics. Learn how Syensqo’s polymer additives can support your specific needs.


With a steadily increasing population and growing concerns over food scarcity, a high crop yield is absolutely essential to the agricultural industry. Not only does crop output need to increase, but consumers are also demanding a diverse selection of high-quality crops grown without the use of pesticides and fumigants. Agricultural films, particularly those used in greenhouses, support various agricultural needs. Greenhouse films promote a consistent growing environment and ensure high light transmission, while optimizing the use of resources such as water and protecting crops against exposure to extreme weather conditions.

To develop plastic films that can withstand the challenging environments in which they are used, manufacturers rely on UV light stabilizers and polymer additives to protect the integrity of plastic films, even in the harshest growing environments. With over 35 years of experience stabilizing plastics for the agricultural market, Syensqo remains a global leader in the development of UV stabilizers and a vital contributor to the growth of the agricultural industry. 

Created to protect greenhouse and tunnel films from polymer degradation, CYASORB CYNERGY SOLUTIONS® A430 provides outstanding UV protection for plastics used in agricultural applications. This exceptional polymer additive is best suited for applications requiring a service life of 3-4+ years and maintains outstanding thermal and UV protection for polymers including PE and EVA. CYASORB CYNERGY SOLUTIONS® A430 is formulated to avoid interference with light transmission to enhance crop yields in greenhouses without films degrading as a result of exposure to pesticides or fumigants.

This plastic additive is designed to withstand severe forms of polymer degradation common in agricultural applications. Best suited for applications that require a service life of at least two years, CYASORB CYNERGY SOLUTIONS® A400 provides excellent thermal and UV protection for polymers such as PE and EVA and maintains resistance to aggressive pesticides and fumigants. Additionally, this innovative polymer additive enhances thermal stability throughout film processing and service life and promotes increased crop yields by promoting light transmission. CYASORB CYNERGY SOLUTIONS® A400 is specifically developed to handle harsh agricultural conditions, especially in the context of greenhouse and mulch films, solarization films, shade cloths and ground covers.

Designed to provide exceptional UV stabilization and thermal protection, CYASORB THT® 6460 light stabilizer provides superior UV protection for 2- and 3-year greenhouse film covers. This market-proven UV stabilizer is highly resistant to agricultural chemicals and is designed to perform well in the most demanding applications.

Based on hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS) chemistry, these UV light stabilizers for greenhouse films are formulated for use in 1- and 2-year covers. These versatile polymer additives can be used in a variety of applications and are especially effective in agricultural films.

CYASORB® UV-531 is a UV light stabilizer engineered for greenhouse film covers and EVA encapsulants. This polymer additive for agriculture applications is also suitable for PVC plastic parts and is typically used with CYASORB® UV-3529 or CYASORB® UV-3346.

As an antioxidant with excellent processing and thermal stability, CYANOX® 2777 maintains effective gas-fade resistance and low color development. Additionally, this antioxidant for polyolefins is well suited for agricultural applications as it resists discoloration and maintains performance in demanding environments.

Automotive manufacturers rely on advanced UV stabilization technologies to facilitate plastics adoption, reach lightweighting targets and meet environmental requirements. As the leading global supplier of UV stabilizers to the automotive industry, Syensqo continues to deliver innovative products for interior and exterior car parts that maintain the appearance and physical properties of automotive plastics and coatings. Our scientists develop groundbreaking products that meet the needs of today’s manufacturers, from those looking for cost-conscious technologies to those searching for the highest performing additives available. 

CYASORB® CYXTRA® V9900 is a UV stabilizer that balances performance durability with processing and cost-efficiency. The product is part of Syensqo’s latest generation UV stabilizer platform and is engineered to protect polyolefins against damage from light and heat. This additive for UV protection in automotive applications meets critical regulatory and production requirements and is specifically engineered for TPOs and reinforced plastics in addition to providing low fogging, low odor and low VOC emission properties. CYASORB® CYXTRA® V9900 can be used in a range of automotive applications including bumpers, door trim, seat back covers, instrument panels and interiors.

Designed for the most demanding automotive applications, CYASORB CYNERGY SOLUTIONS® V703 offers exceptional UV durability in interior and exterior environments despite significant UV exposure. This automotive UV stabilizer maintains superior color, gloss and physical properties and meets in-cabin requirements for low VOC emission and low fogging. 

CYASORB® UV-3853 is a series of light stabilizers for automotive based on hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS) chemistry. This versatile polymer additive can be used in a variety of automotive applications including exterior and interior environments. 

As a cost-effective UV stabilizer for automotive applications, CYASORB® UV-3808PP5 offers manufacturers a versatile plastic additive for interior and exterior applications. This UV light stabilizer provides enhanced color and gloss protection in addition to impressive weathering resistance.

CYANOX® 2777 is an antioxidant for polyolefins and is especially well-suited for automotive applications. This antioxidant for internal and external automotive environments maintains gas-fade resistance, low color development and prevents polyolefin discoloration. 

CYASORB CYNERGY SOLUTIONS® L143-50X is a UV stabilizer for automotive coatings that maintains low viscosity. This single-product stabilization solution is particularly engineered to provide superior equipment manufacturing and refinish coating protection in automotive applications. 

Designed to limit the damage caused by charged particles, the portfolio of CYASTAT® antistatic agents provides a range of versatile solutions for plastics and coatings applications. This portfolio of highly effective antistatic agents for polyolefins provides static protection to eliminate charge buildup in a variety of plastic applications.

The expectations of builders and property owners are evolving, challenging component manufacturers to deliver better-performing products that offer stronger, extended warranties. As a result, the building and construction industry continues to shift toward high-quality polymers for their indisputable benefits, such as longer service life, lower maintenance requirements, lighter weight and improved sustainability profiles. 

Polymer additives for construction are designed to improve thermal and UV protection in a range of applications, including roofing, siding, decking and trim. Syensqo’s UV stabilizing solutions for polyolefins improve physical properties, enhance color and gloss retention, limit chalking and inhibit micro-crack formation. We offer a range of industry-leading UV stabilizers and antioxidants that support the use of polyolefins for an expanding range of applications.

This additive is designed to protect polymers against UV light degradation in building and construction applications. Formulated to provide UV protection for polymers including polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and thermoplastic olefin (TPO), this product extends the life of polymeric materials by maintaining essential physical and surface properties. CYASORB CYNERGY SOLUTIONS® B877 does not interfere with other polymer system components, such as pigments or fillers, and it can be combined with antioxidants to enhance thermal stability.

Engineered to ensure the stability of polymers against UV light and thermal degradation, this polymer additive for construction is a single solution stabilizer that extends the lifespan of polymeric building applications. Compared to CYASORB CYNERGY SOLUTIONS® B877, CYASORB CYNERGY SOLUTIONS® B878T offers superior heat protection to maintain physical and surface properties in the most extreme building and construction environments. This plastic additive prevents micro-crack formation and provides excellent color and gloss retention in a range of building and construction applications, including roofing membranes, composite roofing tiles and shakes, polymer siding, solar shingles (BIPV), geomembranes, plastic trim, doors, shutters and window frames.

This effective UV stabilizer is ideal in applications for outdoor use, especially in appliance housings and wire and cable jacketing. CYASORB THT® 7001 EF provides light stabilization for PP, PE and other polymers that require durability in challenging outdoor environments.

As highly effective and versatile antioxidants for polyolefins, these products are designed to enhance polymer protection throughout production phases and use. CYANOX® 2777 and CYANOX® 1790 limit damage caused by light, heat, chlorine and other external factors that can wear down polymeric construction solutions. CYANOX® 2777 offers excellent processing and thermal stability, while CYANOX® 1790 provides outstanding resistance to extraction and discoloration and maintains superior processing and thermal stability on elastane textiles. 

CYASORB® UV-3529 is an efficient and versatile light stabilizer often used to increase the durability of polyolefin-based pipes. This high-performance stabilizer combines excellent chemical resistance and UV protection while maintaining physical properties over extended use.

The broad range and nature of durable and consumer goods present a unique challenge for manufacturers. Depending on the production method, consumer requirements and end-use conditions, manufacturers face challenges in identifying the optimal polymer additives for their specific application requirements. From their use in PE and PP injection molding to blow and rotational molding, light stabilization solutions for polymer-based consumer goods deliver outstanding thermal and UV protection, resistance to discoloration and production benefits such as broad processing windows. Syensqo’s offerings in this space are expansive and include a range of food contact-approved plastic additives for every production process to improve the lifespan and functionality of polymeric consumer goods.

A high-performing light stabilizer, CYASORB CYNERGY SOLUTIONS® M535 provides excellent UV protection in a range of consumer goods, including crates, boxes, drums, industrial storage containers, water tanks, trash bins, roll-out carts and toys. Well-suited as a polymer additive for natural and pigmented PE molded durable applications, this UV light stabilizer is manufactured with Syensqo’s CYFLOW® technology to meet the challenging processing and global regulatory requirements for molded consumer goods.

Manufacturers can rely on CYASORB CYNERGY SOLUTIONS® M528 when searching for superior formulation flexibility and production efficiency for plastic products, including crates, boxes, drums, storage and industrial containers, trash / roll-out carts, water tanks and toys. This highly efficient, 100% active UV light stabilizer is approved for food contact and enables producers to achieve performance similar to other available hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS) at half the required loading. CYASORB CYNERGY SOLUTIONS® M528 is an effective light stabilizer for durable and consumer goods that require enhanced performance due to polyethylene rotational molding, injection molding and blow molding.

This exceptional UV light stabilizer is designed for the most demanding consumer applications that require plastics to retain more than 50% of their physical properties from 12,000 to 20,000 hours after Xenon Arc Exposure. 

For durable and consumer goods that require UV6-UV12+ service life, CYASORB THT® 4801 is designed to provide excellent UV protection while retaining desirable properties. This plastic additive for consumer goods enables plastics to retain over 50% of their physical properties within a range of 12,000 to 20,000 hours after Xenon Arc Exposure. 

For rotational molded goods that must reach optimum impact properties in a short time span, manufacturers can rely on the high-performing CYASORB CYNERGY SOLUTIONS® R333 UV light stabilizer. This superior polymer additive reduces oven time by up to 20% and ensures consumer goods reach desired strength and durability. Additionally, CYASORB CYNERGY SOLUTIONS® R333 produces outstanding color out of mold and maintains thermal and UV protection up to UV15+.

CYASORB CYNERGY SOLUTIONS® R350 UV light stabilizer is designed for outdoor use in consumer goods produced with polypropylene rotational molding to ensure excellent surface property retention with UV protection up to UV 15+ and provide a superior surface finish out of the mold.

As society continues to shift toward renewable energy, the market for photovoltaic (PV) solar panels is experiencing significant growth, and manufacturers continue to innovate in critical areas such as solar efficiency and energy storage. Along with these advancements, light stabilizers and UV absorbers are evolving so that PV panel manufacturers can deliver a high-performing product over the course of extended UV exposure. Syensqo has over 20 years of experience developing polymer additives that protect plastic components in rigid and thin-film solar panels against severe thermal and photo-oxidative conditions. Our solutions are used in polyolefin encapsulants, backsheet films, frames and supporting structures.

CYASORB CYNERGY SOLUTIONS® M535 is an effective UV light stabilizer that provides excellent UV protection to natural and pigmented PE molded durable applications. This light stabilizer is manufactured with Syensqo’s CYFLOW® technology designed to enhance the support systems of regular and floating solar panels. 

As a UV light stabilizer that satisfies critical performance requirements, CYASORB CYNERGY SOLUTIONS® M535 is ideally suited for challenging applications like solar panels. This extremely efficient polymer additive maintains critical performance requirements similar to traditional HALS at half the loading required for more flexible and efficient production. 

This market-proven light absorber is designed for general purpose UV protection for ethylene vinyl acetate encapsulants. CYASORB® UV-9 enhances photovoltaic productivity through better performing EVA encapsulants.

CYASORB® UV-531 is a UV light absorber that is especially effective when implemented in EVA encapsulants. This UV stabilizer is compatible with other polymer additives and is typically used with CYASORB® UV-3529 or CYASORB® UV-3346.

Protecting medical professionals and patients from a range of health and safety risks is the number one priority for the medical sector. Ensuring the right quality of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as surgical caps, booties, surgical gowns, and face masks, is essential. Antioxidants for polyolefins enable nonwoven manufacturers to reduce filament breakage during polymer processing and support smaller pores between fibers for better high-performance filtration required for essential medical applications.

Our antioxidants for sterile medical applications are formulated to improve the stability of polymeric materials and promote consistent melt viscosity in polymers to meet the evolving needs of PPE manufacturers.

Polyolefin-based products used in medical applications can be sterilized via different methods including gamma irradiation. Selecting the proper stabilization technology is paramount to ensure the polymer is correctly protected, as polyolefins are sensitive to gamma irradiance and subject to color modification (yellowing), physical property degradation (brittleness) and loss of thermal stability. Similarly, SBR used in applications requiring heat must also be correctly protected. Heat and oxidation can cause cracking, charring, and color fading. Antioxidants for latex-related applications reduce the risk of oxidation and improve durability to prevent cracks and breaks in essential safety products. 

Our antioxidants work exceptionally well in polyolefin and latex applications to improve durability and ensure the safety of medical professionals. 

Today’s manufacturers continue to rely on plastics for a variety of packaging solutions. In food applications, light can affect the contents of products within transparent packaging, impacting a product’s shelf life or safety. In medical applications, for example, sterilized materials are kept safe with stabilization technology that provides protection from gamma irradiation. Because the range of applications for UV stabilizers in packaging solutions is vast, Syensqo offers manufacturers versatile plastic additives solutions to maintain the safety of packaged products.

This UV light absorber offers superior protection from light that can damage photo-sensitive materials. CYASORB® UV-3638F is an exceptionally strong and versatile additive, offers broad UVA and UVB coverage for PC, PET and copolyesters and provides low color and low volatility. This UV absorber is particularly effective in the stabilization of PET bottles and electronic displays.

Products that are sensitive to gamma irradiation, light and other environmental factors require packaging capable of protecting product content inside without sacrificing sterilization, performance properties or product safety. CYANOX® 425 and CYANOX® 2246 are excellent thermal stabilizers for styrene butadiene rubber (SBR), polyolefins, polymers and adhesives, and are certified with the FDA for food contact approvals. By preventing color modification, changes in physical properties and oxidative degradation, these antioxidants for polyolefins ensure packaging meets quality requirements and protects product content. Additionally, CYANOX® 425 can be used in acrylic packaging and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) applications.

From artificial turf and textile solutions, to electronic displays and electric systems, plastics are being put to innovative use due to their long lifespan, versatility and superior performance. Syensqo has over 20 years of experience providing UV stabilizers, antioxidants for polyolefins and other plastic additives for high-performing polymeric fibers, films and sheets. Our solutions protect these polymers against the loss of physical and appearance properties caused by exposure to light, heat and chemicals. 

Artificial turf producers rely on polymer additives to improve physical property retention and chemical resistance, especially for polyethylene (PE) grass yarns used in artificial turf applications. CYASORB® UV-3529 is an efficient light stabilizer for grass yarns used in conjunction with ground rubber tire in-fill materials. This high-performance stabilizer promotes excellent chemical resistance and UV protection while maintaining physical properties over extended use.

For textile applications, including swimsuits, hosiery and fitness garments, manufacturers rely on synthetic fibers like elastane or spandex that provide outstanding elasticity. These polyurethane fibers, however, are subject to damage from a variety of conditions, including heat, light and chlorine. Syensqo’s CYANOX® 1790 is an antioxidant for polymeric fibers providing protection throughout production and use. This plastic additive offers outstanding resistance to extraction and discoloration as well as superior thermal and processing stability for enhanced elastane textiles.

This UV light absorber offers impressive UV protection in applications with high-quality engineering plastics, including PET films, fibers and molded parts, copolyester sheets and PC parts. UV-3638F protects plastics with low color and low volatility while ensuring broad UVA and UVB coverage.

A UV light absorber designed for use in PET backsheet films and PC or PET products, CYASORB® UV-1164 maintains excellent UV and heat stability with good chemical resistance for more stable, high-performing polymeric films and sheets. 

This versatile UV light absorber offers effective UV protection in a variety of plastic applications. From PC molding and sheets to styrenics, POM and PBT products, CYASORB® UV-5411 promotes polymer-based fibers, films, sheets and molds that maintain physical properties despite exposure to heat and UV light.