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3 Ways Specialty Polymers Help OEMs Improve Implantable Devices

Healthcare OEMs seek superior materials with exceptional mechanical properties to meet the demand for more advanced designs and functionalities in today’s implantable devices. Syensqo provides OEMs with a broad portfolio of sophisticated specialty polymer biomaterials that meet and exceed previous performance standards in various implantable device applications, such as interbody spinal fusion cages, posterior and anterior cervical plates, wire and lead coatings, anchors and spacers.   

Why Specialty Polymers

Today’s implantable devices must remain chemically inert and retain extreme durability in challenging environments. Syensqo’s portfolio of high-performance biomaterials provides the healthcare industry with minimally invasive and higher performing alternative materials to traditional metals. These advanced thermoplastics improve the design and performance of implantable medical devices by offering excellent biocompatibility, extreme strength and enhanced radiolucency. Additionally, Syensqo’s expansive portfolio of high-performance polymers is compatible with a full range of sterilization techniques including steam, ethylene oxide gas, vaporized hydrogen peroxide and high-energy gamma sterilization.


Superior Biocompatibility

Syensqo’s Zeniva® PEEK (polyetheretherketone) is a high-performance specialty polymer used in a range of PEEK implants. The superior biocompatibility and chemical inertness of this PEEK specialty polymer enable interbody fusion devices to facilitate a minimally invasive surgery. Additionally, Zeniva® CF30 PEEK, made of PEEK carbon fiber, simulates normal stress on bone tissue that surrounds the implant which minimizes ongoing bone density reduction. Veriva® PPSU (polyphenylsulfone) is a polymer resin with superb biocompatibility that surpasses rivaling materials. Accordingly, Veriva® PPSU is a crucial thermoplastic component for wire and lead coatings that help treat hydrocephalus. 


Extreme Strength and Durability 

Syensqo’s medical grade high-performance polymers are equipped with enhanced durability to maintain a lower wear rate than all other competitive implant materials in the industry. Zeniva® PEEK offers outstanding strength and extreme toughness to enable long-term reliability for PEEK cages for cervical fusions or PEEK interbody spacers used in anterior and posterior fusions. Additionally, both Eviva® PSU (polysulfone) and Veriva® PPSU contain high tensile strength, which makes them excellent materials for use in implantable applications such as access ports and shunts. 


Enhanced Radiolucency

The radiolucent properties of Syensqo specialty polymers improve the compatibility of implant materials in medical imaging devices. Zeniva® PEEK’s radiolucency ensures that PEEK spacers and cages continue to facilitate exceptional visibility during X-Rays, CT scans and MRIs. Additionally, the transparency of both Eviva® PSU and Veriva® PPSU used in shunts, access ports and coatings allows for unimpeded medical imaging through a variety of methods. 

As the healthcare industry demands more practical, high-caliber alternatives, Syensqo’s innovative solutions provide enhanced designs and improved capabilities of medical components used in implantable devices.

Learn how Syensqo specialty polymers help meet the needs of implantable medical devices.