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Specialty Polymers: Tiny Molecules, Huge Impact

Syensqo is a world leader in high-performance Specialty Polymers, we provide you with the broadest selection of advanced materials. Our offer is unique. We have developed an unmatched portfolio of more than 1500 different formulations available for you to develop future applications for your industry.

Our products have been created to maintain their performance in the harshest environments: each one with the specific combination of properties needed for exceptional heat resistance and chemical inertness, strength and toughness, lightweighting and design flexibility, biocompatibility and many more.

Our materials meet the needs of the most demanding industries, ranging from deep-sea exploration to implantable spinal devices.



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Top Tier Portfolio


Specialty Polymers are innovative, top-tier solutions and Syensqo is the leader, offering the world’s broadest portfolio of these advanced materials. Our focus is on engineering innovation and we work with our customers at the forefront of their market. 

In our dedicated centers of research and innovation, world-class polymer scientists develop strong, lightweight polymers, fluids and elastomers that provide competitive solutions, greater design freedom and added value for our partners. Superior mechanical performance, fatigue and wear resistance, and high-quality surface finish are just a few of the factors that characterize our portfolio.

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At the Heart of Sustainable Technology

At Syensqo, our mindset and passion for innovation began more than 150 years ago and is still in our DNA. We work closely with our partners, inventing the future together to create solutions, that in turn, help them to lead and innovate in their own markets. Our innovations bring us closer to addressing some of world’s toughest challenges.

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