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e-Business services


For Syensqo chemical customers

For all Syensqo Customers, one unique eCommerce website Syensqo@eCommerce to place and track orders.

  • Built-in collaboration with our valued customers.
  • A web browser system is available 24/7 for placing and tracking orders.
  • Easy to use and available to all existing customers around the world.
  • Multilingual platform.
  • PC, tablets, smartphones.
  • 8 different Functionalities: including  Reordering, commercial document download (SDS, Invoices, Delivery notes...)


MySyensqoportal is a self-service platform dedicated to distributors which aims at facilitating information exchange and collaboration:  

  • 24/7 access to product documentation (Safety Data Sheets, Technical Data Sheet, Regulatory Data Summaries, etc.);
  • Connection to our regulatory department for specific regulatory questions;
  • Sample ordering and tracking; 
  • Additional functionalities are in development