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Safer and More Powerful Crop-protection Formulations

Soprophor®, an industry-leading standard in dispersion, emulsification, and wetting.

Geropon® versatile polymeric dispersant for dry and liquid formulations.


High-Performance Microbial Biopesticide Solutions 

AgRHEA™ OD-EASY for oil dispersion of biopesticides.

AgRHEA™ SticGuard for retention & rain fastness benefits.


Eco-friendly Solutions: an Efficient Alternative to Toxic and Regulated Solvents 

Rhodiasolv® range offers multiple solutions for solubility, polarity, and active ingredient compatibility. Available also as customized blends. 


Higher Performance and Better Efficiency in Herbicide Formulations

Syensqo also offers solutions that enable higher performance and better efficiency in herbicide formulations. Among bio activator adjuvants, AgRHO® FKC and Geronol® are safe and eco-friendly alternatives to tallow amines and offer outstanding formulation properties for high load and premix and compatibility with all acid salts.


Range of Tank-mix Adjuvants for Drift- and Deposition-control 

Additionally, AgRHO® Starguar is a range of tank-mix adjuvants for drift- and deposition-control based on a natural polymer technology that is formulated as a ready-to-use product added directly to the spray tank.