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Tank Mix Adjuvants

Syensqo's Innovative and Sustainable Solutions 

Tank mix adjuvants are materials combined with crop protection products in the tank to boost the biological efficacy of the active, enhance the spray quality and deliver benefits that cannot be added in-can.

Crop protection products are becoming increasingly complex and sensitive formulations, requiring proper uptake and activation through oils and surfactants. Additionally, more and more products are frequently combined in the same tank, leading to compatibility issues. Tank mix adjuvants ensure activation and compatibility in these challenging formulations. 

An increasingly important class of tank mix adjuvants addresses spray formation and retention, which ensures effective delivery of the active and improved pesticide use efficiency. As such, these ingredients are increasingly important in sustainable farming practices that allow for reduced pesticide use, lower treatment costs, better yield and safer food. 

One critical aspect of spray formation is related to droplet size. Controlling droplet size is a key characteristic that can be altered to minimize pesticide spray drift and off-target movement. The core of Syensqo's tank mix technology addresses anti-drift and retention, with innovative and sustainable solutions using bio-based polymers that deliver highly effective drift control performance. 


Syensqo's Tank Mix Adjuvant Portfolio

Drift Control Adjuvants

  • Reduced off-target spray drift
  • Naturally based tank mix adjuvants with guar-based and emulsion-based solutions
  • Excellent compatibility with tank mix partners
  • Enhanced pesticide use efficiency across environments


Rainfastness Adjuvants 

  • Upgraded pesticide retention
  • Ensure active ingredients remain on target surfaces and reduces pesticide wash-off in case of rainfall
  • Suitable for use in challenging environments, such as high humidity and high rainfall


Wetting and Spreading Adjuvants 

  • Better pesticide deposition
  • Ideal for use on common hairy or waxy leaf surfaces
  • Super wetters also act as retention adjuvants


Compatibility Adjuvants

  • Address complex spray tank solutions with multiple active ingredients
  • Improve compatibility with tank mix partners
  • Provides homogenous tank mix application


Water Conditioners

  • Address high mineral content in hard water conditions
  • Promote pesticide efficacy with multifunctional conditioning solutions
  • Integrated water conditioning salts for formulator convenience


Other Tank Mix Activator Adjuvants

  • Versatile solutions for optimal biological efficacy
  • High-performance portfolio for a variety of crop systems
  • Products for mineral oil, cotton defoliants and more

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