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Efficient thermal management to ensure maximum EV performance and safety

Selecting the right material plays a critical role in electric vehicle safety by helping reduce risk of thermal runaway

Lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles undergo continuous intense use which generates heat. This constant heat is a key aspect that can limit the efficiency of electric powertrains and lead to thermal runaway, one of the greatest safety risks for EVs. The safety level of lithium-ion batteries depends not only on the cell chemistry but also on the protection of connections around the battery modules, making thermal management activities key processes for hybrid and EV original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

In the e-guide, you will learn how Syensqo has developed high-performance solutions that are inherently flame retardant and more resilient to continuous high temperatures than classical polypropylenes and polyamides with a particular focus on applications such as:

  • Optimized e-pump components
  • Long-life coolant lines
  • Thermal management modules
  • Integrated electric drive units

Our decades of experience in developing high-performance solutions for thermal management systems ensures you can select materials that perform to the highest safety levels. 

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