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Battery Cell


Improving the Performance of Next-generation Batteries

Our electrification solutions meet the highest requirements in terms of safety and chemical resistance, addressing the needs of the entire battery system. Batteries with higher energy density, greater power, and lower cost are vital for the future of electromobility. Our solutions and technologies include fluorinated electrolyte additives, salts, binders, and separators which improve the performance of the new generation of Li-Ion batteries, offer higher stability, and allow batteries to work at higher voltages while increasing range and reducing costs.


Binder & Separator Coatings

  • Solef® PVDF - It brings many advantages to the lithium battery industry when used as a binder in the formulation of electrodes as well as in the design of the separator. Solef® PVDF is available in both emulsion and suspension polymerization technologies, thereby producing a broader PVDF portfolio for anode, cathode, and separator applications in Li-Ion batteries.
  • SolgainTM - This is the latest Syensqo technology to improve safety and battery performance and reduce cost by enabling a much leaner and less capital-intensive process. It is also a way to manufacture “dry cathodes”, eliminating dangerous solvents and drying steps. 


Conductive Salts

  • LiTFSI, LiFSI, M-TFSI  - These are innovative, high purity conductive salts with outstanding electrochemical properties to increase performance and safety and enable high voltage solutions.


Solvents & Additives

  • Energain® - This is the new generation of fluorinated solvents and formulations for High Voltage Electrolyte (up to 5V). This technology enables extension of operating voltage and cell capacity.