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Cell Structural Components

High-Performance Cell Structural Components to Guard Battery Safety

As battery technology evolves, the energy contained in a single cell keeps increasing, so the demand for battery safety in electrified transportation, stationary storage applications, and consumer electronic devices is becoming higher and higher. Therefore, cell structural components, including gaskets, insulators, and holders,  need to ensure the safety of the battery by tightly sealing the cells to prevent the loss of electrolytes and guaranteeing the integrity of the cell and function of cell protection elements during normal operation and abnormal conditions. By leveraging our broad product portfolio and expertise in fluoropolymer and aromatic polymer technologies, cell structural components can achieve high service temperature, excellent chemical resistance vs electrolyte, and lifetime sealing performance, with outstanding processability.


Advanced Fluoropolymers for Critical Seals

As li-ion battery technology evolves, Syensqo provides OEMs with high-performance fluoropolymers and aromatic polymers for cell structural components, including gaskets, insulators, and holders, to extend battery life and improve battery safety. Materials that not only deliver critical sealing performance, superb chemical resistance, and excellent electrical insulation properties but also ensure the battery cells achieve the highest possible levels of safety.  

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