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Plumbing & Sanitary

Made for the Future of Responsible Water Management

Growing emphasis on sustainability has prompted manufacturers of water management solutions to improve efficiency and safety across the segments they serve. In plumbing and sanitary systems, OEMs and everyday consumers are prioritizing solutions that replace metals to prevent corrosion, eliminate heavy metal contamination and guarantee excellent performance over time. 

With decades of experience as a material supplier, including our broad selection of high-performance polymers for water-handling systems, Syensqo is the ideal partner for plumbing and sanitary system OEMs. Our comprehensive portfolio gives manufacturers a range of options when identifying a solution for challenges associated with plumbing and sanitary applications. Designed for durable metal replacement and certified with global approvals for drinking water contact, Syensqo’s materials are made to enhance the future of water management.

Our Solutions for Plumbing & Sanitary

Extreme Temperatures

High-Performing Plumbing & Sanitary Materials for Challenging Conditions

From sulfone polymers and fluoropolymers to aromatic polyamides, Syensqo offers a broad selection of high-performance materials for challenging plumbing and sanitary applications. Our portfolio features materials with outstanding resistance properties and relevant regulatory approvals for efficient metal replacement across water management applications.

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