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Pigment & Wetting Dispersion


Discover Syensqo's Additives for Pigment and Wetting Dispersion

Syensqo's line of pigment and wetting dispersion performance additives include brands such as Rhodoline® 3100, Rhodoline® 4188, Rhodoline® WA 265N and Rhodacal® range.


  • Rhodoline® 6100 - Rhodoline® 6100 is especially recommended for waterborne architectural colorants as a universal wetting and dispersing additive to improve compatibility with organic and inorganic pigments. 
  • Rhodoline® 3100 - This APE-free nonionic wetting and dispersing agent is ideal for low-to-medium hydrophilic-lipophilic balance (HLB) organic pigments, such as carbon black and color pigments. Rhodoline 3100 replaces APE with HLB 11-13. 
  • Rhodoline® 4188 - Rhodoline® 4188 is an ammonia-neutralized, anionic wetting agent for tinted paints. It is best for inorganic and organic pigments such as iron oxide and titanium dioxide (TiO2) because it enhances color acceptance and corrosion resistance. 
  • Rhodoline® WA 265N - Rhodoline® WA 265N is an eco-label wetting agent best known for boosting color development in colorants and paints. This wetting agent enhances pigment wetting, tint strength, stability and color acceptance. 
  • Rhodacal® range - This range of sulfonate surfactants can be applied in various coatings applications. The Rhodacal® range can function as emulsifiers, stabilizers and wetting and dispersion agents in waterborne polymer and coatings systems to enhance the performance of architectural coatings.