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How Specialty Polymers Can Improve District Heating Systems

As district heating systems are exposed to extremely high-temperature and high-pressure environments, today’s OEMs need materials that can withstand these stringent conditions to ensure stable, durable and corrosion-resistant components. Traditionally used metals for use in heating systems lead to corrosion, warpage, thermal conduction and fatigue over time. Syensqo engineers a selection of long-lasting specialty polymers with outstanding resistance to temperature, pressure, corrosion and warpage to outperform metal-based components and limit the likelihood of part failure in modern district heating systems.



Specialty Polymers Have High Thermal Stability

In addition to high levels of steam, humidity and pressure, today’s district heating systems are exposed to temperatures over 100°C. These harsh conditions produce a strain on heating components and can result in premature part failure if sophisticated materials are not used. Syensqo's specialty polymers are formulated to maintain mechanical strength and withstand extreme amounts of heat, steam and pressure unique to district heating systems. Solef® PVDF is designed especially for high-temperature, high-pressure environments, and offers heat resistance for continuous use up to 150°C and pressure resistance up to 15,000 psi. 

Specialty Polymers Exhibit Extreme Resistance Properties 

District heating system components, such as pipes and valves, are exposed to chlorine and oxidizers from tap water sanitation, which causes increased corrosion in traditionally used metals. Polymer-based components are more resistant to these corrosive agents and result in stronger and more reliable heating systems in comparison to metal-based systems. Syensqo's broad portfolio of high-performance polymers offer superior resistance to corrosion, chemicals, fatigue and warpage for more efficient and longer-lasting district heating components. Ryton® PPS is engineered to maintain exceptional chemical resistance, dimensional stability and creep resistance while maintaining long-term performance when exposed to harsh environments.

Specialty Polymers Increase System Durability

Today’s OEMs require materials that promote durability and longevity despite exposure to chlorine, hot water and steam to ensure that the system does not fail unexpectedly due to warpage, creep or corrosion. District heating systems manufactured with specialty polymers exhibit superior resistance properties that result in increasingly tough and reliable systems. Syensqo's specialty polymers offer extremely high inertness and stability, eliminate the vulnerability of other polymer-based parts and streamline installation and assembly of extremely long-lasting systems.