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3 Ways Specialty Polymers are Outperforming Traditional Metal Components in Heating Systems

Today’s heating system components require sophisticated materials that can withstand extreme temperatures and pressure in stringent environments. Traditionally used metal-based components in heating systems are more susceptible to corrosion and creep rupture in addition to being more expensive to implement than specialty polymer-based parts. Syensqo offers a broad portfolio of specialty polymers that are formulated to maintain high performance, resist corrosion, and promote cost-efficient systems for complex heating applications.

Specialty Polymers Can Withstand Extreme Heat and Pressure

Modern district heating systems require materials that can withstand temperatures as high as 150°C and levels of operating pressure reaching 40 bar. Syensqo's specialty polymers offer higher strength and superior thermal insulation than metallic parts to maintain system efficiency even in extreme conditions. For example, Solef® PVDF is able to withstand temperatures up to 150°C and pressure up to 15,000 psi to maintain stable mechanical properties and extend overall equipment life.


Specialty Polymers Offer Superior Corrosion Resistance

Today’s OEMs seek materials for heating systems that prevent corrosion and ensure effective long term metal replacement. High-performance polymers last longer than metals in heating system components and are designed to prevent the development of rust, dezincification and galvanic corrosion from oxidizers found in water management systems. Syensqo offers an impressive portfolio of versatile polymers that combine durable resistance to chemicals and corrosion with high-quality, long-term performance.

Specialty Polymers Allow for Lower Costs and More Efficient Processing

Today’s manufacturers rely on cost-competitive materials with advanced performance properties for more efficient manufacturing and processing. Plastic components offer superior corrosion resistance at a lower cost and eliminate the need for expensive welding during installation. Syensqo's specialty polymers can be implemented in one injection-molding step to reduce manufacturing costs and streamline production processes. Formulated to bridge the cost-performance gap between lower performing PA66 and higher performing specialty polymers, Syensqo's Omnix® HPPA offers low moisture absorption, good chemical resistance and efficient manufacturing for today’s heating systems.

OEMs must select materials that can maintain strength and stiffness in harsh environments across various applications. Syensqo offers an extensive portfolio of high-quality, cost-competitive plastics that are uniquely formulated to advance the efficiency and performance of heating systems.