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How High Performance Polymers are Advancing Sanitary System Manufacturing

Sanitary systems with metal components are more susceptible to corrosion, contaminated tap water, and offer less flexibility in system design. Today’s OEMs rely on corrosion-resistant materials that offer long term performance, easy installation, and cost-effective solutions in comparison to metal-based components. Syensqo’s specialty polymers have been used in sanitary system components for over 20 years and offer manufacturers a cost-competitive, durable and higher quality alternative to metallic parts.

Impressive Resistance

Sanitary systems require extreme durability and highly resistant properties to withstand repeated exposure to water and corrosive chemicals found in various applications such as faucet cartridges and stop valves. High-performance plastics retain their structural integrity when exposed to common oxidizers used in tap water sanitation systems for the prevention of rust development and galvanic corrosion. Syensqo offers an impressive portfolio of lead-free plastics that provide superior resistance to corrosion, chemicals, scale deposit, and creep rupture that often damage sanitary systems. This portfolio offers a range of temperature resistance as well with high service temperatures reaching 95°C.  

Streamlined Production and Assembly

Unlike metal sanitary components, polymer-based parts streamline the manufacturing and assembly processes which allows for lower production costs and more complex designs. With our uniquely injection-moldable materials, OEMs can produce thinner and more efficient sanitary components that require fewer finishing phases and simplify the assembly process. Syensqo’s specialty polymers combine tremendous resistance properties with advanced designs to increase faucet cartridge and stop valve options for do-it-yourself and professional installers. 

A Cost-Effective Alternative to Metal

Today’s sanitary systems depend on exceptional performance properties as well as cost-efficient processing and assembly. High-performance specialty polymers serve as a cost-competitive alternative to metals while simultaneously simplifying manufacturing and improving performance of faucet cartridges, stop valves and fixtures. Metal fittings for these applications require expensive reinforcement to remain resistant to long-term corrosion and can cost up to 50% more to manufacture than corrosion-resistant polymer fittings. Syensqo’s durable specialty polymers for sanitary systems have been formulated to withstand extensive use and can be produced with one-step injection molding, which makes them easier to process and more cost-efficient than traditional metallic components.

Advanced sanitary systems must maintain their structure and durability over long-term use at low production costs. Syensqo’s specialty polymers are formulated with a unique combination of strength, ease of installation and cost-competitiveness for faucet cartridges, stop valves and fixtures.