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How Specialty Polymers Enhance Your Lavatory Faucet

Today’s OEMs rely on high-quality materials to advance the sanitary industry and continually meet consumer demand for enhanced faucet cartridges and stop valves. Specialty polymers are an ideal material for lavatory faucets, as polymer-based components contribute to innovative designs and exhibit superior resistance and high stability properties. Syensqo’s sophisticated specialty polymers for sanitary applications are formulated with adaptive processing for increased design flexibility, exceptional resistance properties and high dimensional stability for implementation in today’s faucet cartridges and stop valves.

Specialty Polymers Promote Advanced Designs

Materials for sanitary systems must offer outstanding adaptability to various system environments and attractive aesthetic properties for lavatory faucets. Polymers contribute to continual design freedom and allow OEMs to produce thinner and sleeker designs for enhanced sanitary components. Syensqo’s specialty polymers are formulated with properties such as injection molding and smooth surface finishes to support design flexibility for manufacturers. Specifically, Ixef® PARA is engineered to be injection moldable, maintains excellent strength and stiffness and presents a fine surface finish that is ideal for painting and metallization in aesthetic applications.


Specialty Polymers Exhibit Versatile Resistance

Materials for sophisticated lavatory faucets must provide resistance to corrosion, creep and fatigue to reduce part failure and maintain optimal performance. High-performance polymers offer remarkable resistance properties for more reliable and durable system parts than those made with metals or lower-quality plastics. Syensqo’s line of specialty polymers provides outstanding resistance to corrosion, creep rupture, chemicals, fatigue and warpage for stronger and longer-lasting sanitary systems. Additionally, Radel® PPSU offers the highest creep rupture resistance of any sulfone polymer in addition to tremendous fatigue resistance and impact strength.

 Creep modulus Radel® R-5000 at 20.7 MPa (3,000 psi)


Specialty Polymers Offer Outstanding Stability

Modern faucet cartridges and stop valves must be manufactured with materials that promote strength and stability throughout continuous use. Syensqo’s specialty polymers are formulated to withstand continuous exposure to water and temperature changes while resisting moisture absorption and thermal expansion. Specifically, Ryton® PPS is uniquely suited for use in faucet cartridges and stop valves as it exhibits excellent dimensional stability, low water pick-up and high mechanical strength.

Hot water immersion test results


Today’s manufacturers rely on advanced materials to produce enhanced lavatory components. Syensqo’s specialty polymers are designed with a unique combination of properties for implementation in sanitary system parts, including faucet cartridges and stop valves, to manufacture lavatory faucets with superior designs, resistance and stability.