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How a Broad Portfolio of Specialty Polymers Improves Design Flexibility in Sanitary Systems

Today’s sanitary systems need sophisticated materials that are formulated with a unique combination of properties to meet evolving consumer demand. High-performing plastics offer a range of benefits over metals used in sanitary components and result in more attractive and longer-lasting systems. Syensqo offers the broadest selection of specialty polymers for water-handling systems to give OEMs unmatched freedom in innovative sanitary component designs.

Versatile Aesthetic Finishes

Today’s OEMs require extremely versatile and specially formulated materials to meet the ever-changing demands of the sanitary market. Syensqo’s broad selection of uniquely designed polymers combines strength and stability with visually appealing finishes to provide material solutions for a variety of sanitary applications. Syensqo’s Ixef® PARA is formulated to maintain high stiffness and strength and provides an ultra-smooth surface finish that is well-suited for painting or metallization.  



Thinner and Sleeker Designs

In addition to fine surface finishes, today’s OEMs also depend on materials that offer enhanced flexibility in design for thinner and sleeker sanitary components. Traditionally-used metals in sanitary systems limit design capabilities, while high-quality polymers offer manufacturers increased freedom for more innovative lavatory faucets, cartridges and stop valves. Syensqo offers a comprehensive portfolio of specialty polymers formulated with sophisticated design capabilities even in the most advanced sanitary components. Ryton® PPS and Ixef® PARA are both engineered to be injectable in thin-walled sanitary components to promote smooth and sleek sanitary systems. 

Strength and Resistance Properties

Advanced sanitary systems must withstand continuous water flow without fatiguing, warping or corroding. Specialty polymers are inherently resistant to corrosion from oxidizing agents and offer superior thermal induction compared to metal. Syensqo’s specialty polymers are formulated with enhanced corrosion resistance, mechanical stability and impact and tensile strength to last longer than metals and lower-quality polymers. Specifically, Amodel PPA® outperforms lower grade polymers with high fatigue and creep resistance in addition to outstanding dimensional stability for durable and reliable sanitary components.

OEMs need sophisticated materials to supply the sanitary industry with reliable systems that maintain high strength and also provide fine surface finishes for aesthetic applications. Syensqo’s expansive portfolio of specialty polymers gives OEMs tremendous freedom in developing newer and sleeker designs to continually advance the sanitary industry.