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Why Specialty Polymers are the Ideal Material for Faucet Cartridges and Stop Valves

Today’s OEMs develop faucet cartridges and stop valves with advanced materials to increase sanitary system efficiency, usability and durability. Polymer-based sanitary system components outperform metal parts by offering increased design flexibility, superior resistance to corrosion and tremendous dimensional stability. Syensqo formulates our portfolio of specialty polymers with durable, reliable and cost-competitive properties to outlast metal-based parts in these essential sanitary components.

Specialty Polymers Promote Design Freedom

High-performance polymers for sanitary systems contribute to more complex component designs, increased system efficiency, and attractive parts for aesthetic applications. Syensqo’s broad portfolio of specialty polymers is uniquely engineered to promote design freedom for manufacturers by offering injection molding for thin-walled components and attractive surface finishes to produce thinner and sleeker faucet cartridges and stop valves. Ryton® PPS exhibits exceptionally low viscosity to allow this versatile polymer to be injected into parts as thin as .05 millimeters.

Specialty Polymers Exhibit Resistance Properties

Spiral flow vs. wall thickness at 316 °C (600 °F), maximum injection rate and 2 second fil



Stop valves and faucet cartridges in sanitary systems must be able to withstand continual exposure to changing temperatures, chemicals, oxidative aging and creep to prevent part failure. Polymeric components can withstand increased exposure to oxidizers and offer superior corrosion-free performance in comparison to metal-based parts. Syensqo’s specialty polymers are formulated with outstanding resistance to fatigue, chemicals and corrosion to promote higher-performing and longer-lasting sanitary systems. 

Specialty Polymers Maintain Stability and Durability

OEMs for sanitary systems depend on materials that ensure the stability and durability of faucet cartridges and stop valves despite the presence of moisture, temperature changes and humidity. Syensqo’s portfolio of specialty polymers is designed to maintain outstanding dimensional stability in sanitary applications like faucet cartridges and stop valves. Specifically, Syensqo’s Amodel® PPA displays enhanced tensile strength and dimensional stability to outperform lower-quality polymers and metals and resist moisture absorption and thermal expansion in sanitary applications. 

Specialty polymers are advancing the sanitary industry and aiding today’s OEMs in creating system components with more durable and efficient materials. Syensqo develops high-performing and versatile polymers that contribute to enhanced sanitary components like faucet cartridges and stop valves for sleeker and more efficient sanitary systems.