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Textiles & Sport Equipment

High-Performance Material Solutions for Sporting Goods

As the sports industry continues to evolve, manufacturers must be able to adapt and overcome significant market challenges. Increased consumer awareness and environmental concerns have led to rising demand for sustainable material solutions for modern sporting goods, and OEMs must deliver eco-friendly alternatives that preserve or even improve performance abilities.

Syensqo offers a wide range of smart, functional, and sustainable sports equipment, including Ixef® PARA, Omnix® HPPA, XencorTM LFT, MTM®, polymer additives and more.    

Our Solutions for Sport Equipment


Key Products for Sporting Goods

Syensqo empowers the sports industry with a variety of advantageous properties. This dynamic portfolio imparts fireproof abilities, biodegradability, anti-stain and anti-bacterial benefits, robustness, flexibility, comfort, and functionality to a wide range of clothing articles and sporting goods. Our innovative solutions are essential to the advancement of the textile and sport equipment markets.

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