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Industry-Leading Surfactants and Polymers for Enhanced Dish Care

Syensqo's hand and automatic dishwashing solutions elevate the consumer experience with strengthened formulas for a deeper, more thorough wash. Beyond delivering increased effectiveness in removing food residue and stains as well as improving shine, our ingredients pair with manufacturer formulas to provide consumers with safe, sustainable products they can trust.

  • Mirapol® Surf-S P Free Power NP - This is an advanced shine polymer used to boost the effect of nonionic surfactants for the formulation of versatile automatic dishwashing detergents. This multifunctional shine polymer powder for dishes is especially effective in phosphate-free tablets for spot-free, fast-drying dishwashing solutions. 
  • Mirapol® Surf S 480 PF NP - Mirapol® Surf S 480 PF NP is a liquid polymer for automatic dishwashing formulations. It’s designed to prevent spotting, streaking and films for higher-performing and more cost-efficient dish care solutions. This shine polymer for dishes is ideal for use in phosphate-free liquid and gel dishwashing detergents. 
  • Mirataine® LHS - This surfactant for biodegradable cleaning formulations produces high foam and excellent stability in both extreme acid and alkaline home care solutions. It is a bio-based surfactant for home care that offers formulators a naturally derived ingredient to boost viscosity and foam as an alternative to alkanolamides in dish care applications.
  • Rhodapex® ESB 70 NAT MB - Rhodapex® ESB 70 NAT MB is an easy-cleaning natural alternative to synthetic sulfate surfactants. This cleansing agent is naturally derived from sugar cane and palm kernel oil with an RCI of 100%. This ingredient features a lower carbon footprint and lower consumption of nonrenewable resources than Petro-based SLES, supporting the development of more eco-friendly dishwashing solutions.