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High-Performance Lubricants for Semiconductor Manufacturing

As the semiconductor industry continues to experience revolutionizing innovation, OEMs face increasingly high demands regarding performance and efficiency. Semiconductor wafer fabrication techniques are becoming progressively advanced and these processes involve harsh, highly reactive and unique environments. Vacuum pumps play an important role in wafer fabrication, as they maintain safe, clean and effective working conditions. With innovative lubricants for vacuum pump applications, Syensqo offers OEMs high-performance materials strategically designed to empower semiconductor manufacturing.  


Vacuum Pumps In Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication

Vacuum pumps are widely used in semiconductor wafer fabrication processes to evacuate operation chambers of undesired and unused process gases and by-products. Additionally, they can alter the pressure and create a low-pressure environment for enhanced safety and cleanliness, which improves process efficiency. These vacuums require pump oils to function at continuously high levels of efficacy. Vacuum pump oils must provide a variety of essential functions, including sealing, lubrication, cooling, corrosion protection and more. With the optimal ingredients, pump oils enable this critical process for extended periods. 


Introducing Fomblin® PFPE: Unrivaled Lubricants 

Syensqo develops Fomblin® PFPE, a family of fluorinated lubricants extremely well-suited for aggressive chemical environments, extreme temperatures and other harsh conditions. These high-performance PFPE fluids are specifically engineered for applications where heat, chemicals, solvents, corrosion, toxicity, flammability, and service life present lubrication problems, such as semiconductor wafer fabrication. With unmatched chemical and solvent resistance, excellent thermal and electrical resistance, intrinsic inertness to liquid and gaseous oxygen, nonflammability and low evaporation loss. Fomblin® PFPE low-friction lubricants are a choice material for vacuum pump oils in the semiconductor manufacturing industry.


Fomblin® PFPE Lubricants for Vacuum Pump Oils

Fomblin® Y grades are perfluorinated polyether inert fluids specially developed for use as lubricants in vacuum pumps. Because these chemically stable lubricants are formulated with only carbon, fluorine and oxygen atoms, Fomblin® PFPE exhibits a variety of optimal properties best-suited for vacuum oils. Fomblin® is available in anti-rust and anti-wear grades, and also provides integral properties for HVAC fluids in diffusion pumps. Inert to most reactive chemicals, this low-vapor-pressure lubricant can be used in direct contact with harmful materials without damaging the fluid. Additionally, Fomblin® lubricants for vacuum pump applications reduce the contamination of the vacuum apparatus. This is a result of its very low backstreaming characteristics and elimination of solid deposit formation. Fomblin® solutions are also environmentally safe, which makes them ideal for a wide range of cutting-edge wafer fabrication applications.