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Specialty Polymers for Semiconductors

Syensqo, as a leading supplier of specialty polymers to the semiconductor industry, offers a long history of exceptional engineering to provide sophisticated high-performance materials for semiconductor processes. These specialty polymers are engineered with superior cleanliness, excellent chemical stability and high heat tolerance to meet today’s demand for long term reliability and efficiency in advanced semiconductor applications. 

Our selection of materials for various semiconductor processes such as FEOL equipment, BEOL equipment, Test equipment, Assembly equipment, and Utility equipment are available in multiple grades for a range of semiconductor solutions with unique combinations of thermal, chemical and physical properties and varying degrees of performance. For example, Syensqo’s Galden® PFPE fluids are available in high boiling grades to reduce evaporation losses and improve the performance of the overall electrical engineering system. Syensqo’s engineers design a range of specialty polymers for the semiconductor industry with the strong fluorinated chemical structure for long-lasting inertness and purity to withstand the high thermal and chemical environments found in modern electrical manufacturing. 

Galden® PFPE suggested operating temperature range 


Lubricants for Vacuum Pumps 

Sophisticated vacuum pump tools need low evaporation rates, high thermal and chemical stability, and non-flammable and ultrapure properties to maintain high performance in today’s industry. Syensqo’s Fomblin® PFPE is an ideal lubricant for use in vacuum pump tools because it offers the best viscosity index, low vapor pressure, high thermal stability and unmatched chemical inertness. Additionally, the engineers at Syensqo formulate Fomblin® PFPE to provide vacuum pump systems with excellent viscosity-temperature behavior, no flash or fire point and improved overall system performance compared to other materials.

Fomblin® PFPE Vacuum Pump Grades



Heat Transfer Fluids for High Boilers

Advanced heat transfer systems require excellent insulating properties, extensive thermal stability, and complete nonflammability to conduct application-specific operations at elevated temperatures. The Galden® PFPE line of heat transfer fluids are offered in various grades and engineered for optimized performance for moderate and high-temperature applications. Galden® HT PFPE has a low evaporation rate, low Total Equivalent Warming Impact (TEWI), excellent oxidation stability, high thermal and chemical inertness, and a wide service temperature range.

Wet Processing Equipment Components

To meet industry needs, materials for the high purity conditions of wet processing equipment must offer exceptionally chemically resistant and thermally stable properties. Additionally, polymers for wet tools must be safe and easy to weld and fabricate as well as meet semicon industry specifications. Syensqo’s Halar® ECTFE offers excellent chemical resistance, wide temperature range, outstanding abrasion resistance, and excellent impact strength. Halar® ECTFE is resistant to the full line of semiconductor chemicals and solvents. It is also suitable for ultra pure components, and has a micro smooth surface, offering the potential of low particle hang up and easier cleanability. Halar® ECTFE is also a FM4910 listed material and required no fixed fire protection.

Halar® ECTFE Exceptional Smoothness

Atomic Force Microscopy topographies inside surface of fluoropolymers extruded pipes.



Exhaust Duct Coating

Exhaust duct systems in semiconductor manufacturing cleanrooms continue to face stringent fire resistance standards due to industry wide safety concerns. The materials used for all materials and components in cleanroom process tools must meet these requirements and performance demands. Syensqo’s Halar® ECTFE serves as excellent corrosion protection material for exhaust duct coatings, as it complies with the FM 4922 fire safety standard. These specialty powders are particularly suitable for coatings in contact with highly corrosive chemicals, as their intrinsic properties inhibit buildup and accumulation or particles and metallic salts. Additionally, Halar® ECTFE meets FM 4910 and UL 2360 standards for fire-safe cleanroom tools, which makes for exhaust duct coatings with superior fire safety and surface smoothness.


Ultra-Pure Water Piping Systems 

Semiconductor fabrication requires extremely high-purity conditions. Materials used in the manufacturing of ultra-pure water (UPW) system components must meet unique contamination specifications while simultaneously satisfying long-term mechanical and performance demands. Syensqo’s Solef® PVDF is an inherently pure fluoropolymer specially designed for UPW piping systems, as it offers excellent stability and fire and oxidation resistance over extended periods. Solef® PVDF is equipped with exceptional chemical and thermal resistance and is able to withstand aggressive environments without degradation. Solef® PVDF also has an advantage over PVC and PP concerning fire resistance (FM4910 approval). Additionally, Syensqo meticulously monitors the purity of the base resin supplied for the production of ultra-pure pipes and fittings with leach-out tests according to the most recent requirements. The smooth aesthetic finish of Solef® PVDF mitigates bacterial and biofilm growth, which makes it a choice material for UPW pipe, UPW tubing, UPW fittings, coatings and linings, valves and other high-purity water components. 


High-Performance O-Rings and Seals

Semiconductor fabrication processes such as etching, deposition, patterning and wet cleaning require O-rings and seals with a unique combination of properties to ensure optimal performance. Syensqo’s Tecnoflon® PFR (FFKM) exhibits outstanding thermal resistance and plasma resistance, high purity and has a low metal content, making it an excellent material for applications such as seals, O-rings and bonded gates. Specifically designed for the semiconductor industry with Syensqo proprietary technology, the Tecnoflon® family offers the best-in-class mechanical properties among other transparent materials.  


Long-term Reliability 

Semiconducting materials need advanced properties to withstand thermal cycling, harsh chemicals and the constant, frictional motion associated with semiconductor fabrication without adversely affecting their environment over an extended period of time. Syensqo is a leader in the research, development and manufacturing of specialty polymers that can withstand the most challenging requirements of the semiconductor and electronics industry. Our high-grade polymers offer electronic systems excellent chemical inertness, thermal stability, nonflammability and wear resistance to provide long-lasting, reliable solutions for electrical engineering applications. 


More Solutions for Complex Systems

Modern electrical and electronics engineering systems demand more compact and intricate designs for increased efficiency and optimal performance at a lower cost of operation. Syensqos engineers formulate high-grade polymers that offer high-performance, ultra-pure solutions to meet industry demands for more sophisticated systems. Our portfolio of specialty polymers provides semiconductor devices with advanced dielectric properties, limited fluid consumption and low evaporation losses to enhance efficiency, lower operational costs and improve overall system performance. 

Syensqo’s broad portfolio of polymers for semiconductor fabrication provides OEMs with high-strength, resilient materials including KetaSpire® PEEK and Torlon® PAI. These specialty solutions enable further development of semiconductor applications such as test sockets, CMP, semiconductor packaging, handling equipment and more.