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Agro biostimulants


Seed Treatments to keep Inputs at Minimum Use Level


Objectives of the project

Due to ecological considerations, economic and environmental demands, the farmers must constantly improve their agriculture practices. They have to adopt the most profitable practices in order to generate the highest crop yields, using fewer chemical inputs with lower toxicity as environmental considerations.

In this context, our project aims to validate an innovative and ecological seed treatment solution that will give the farmer the opportunity to reduce: 

  • the use of fertilizers and pesticides
  • the water consumption  


The two objectives of the project are the following


  1. to demonstrate that the new seed treatment can be used in combination with existing seed treatments and can be processed within existing seed treatment facilities. The treatment corresponds to a natural derived polymer which is already selected and industrialized,
  2. to demonstrate that using treated seeds (with a combination of seed treatments including our product) delivers the promise of an input reduction for the farming practices using this treatment. 

The goal is thereby to propose a new seed treatment in combination with other seed treatments in areas where the environment impact is the highest and where it is economically relevant. Then, we will be able to industrially produce these treated seeds. Finally the project aims to acquire performance data from field tests in some European regions, in accordance with the variety of practices of the European Agriculture in order to confirm the initial performance assessment of the solution and to promote its usage towards identified users of the seed treatment value chain at a wide scale.

Contact us


Jean-Christophe Castaing

Project Coordinator
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