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Advanced ingredients for end-of-life management

  • Jaguar® a range of native, nonionic, cationic, and hydroxypropyl-modified natural guar polymers
    • Jaguar® HP-8 COS SGI is derived from guar polysaccharide and is an ultimately biodegradable thickening polymer with exceptional rheology properties
    • Jaguar® C-500 STD is derived from Guar polysaccharide and is an ultimately biodegradable conditioning polymer. Typical applications include shampoos, hair treatments, hair conditioners, styling gels, body washes, and powder-to-liquid cleansers
  • Repel-O-Tex®, a range of aromatic polyesters
    • Repel-O-Tex®  SRP6 is a readily biodegradable soil release polymer non-ionic soil release polymer suitable for powder laundry and pods
  • AgRHO® DR 2000 guar-based, drift reducing and deposition adjuvant for Agrochemical formulations