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Beauty is Regeneration. Regeneration is Beauty

Naturally caring for everyone


In an era where sustainability is the guiding compass and consumers are increasingly conscious of their individual actions' impact on the planet, the demand for beauty products made with biodegradable ingredients is on the rise. At Syensqo, a global leader in naturally-derived polymers for hair and skin care, we understand the urgency for change. 

Introducing Naternal™ – our brand that embodies regenerative beauty, caring for farming communities, customers, end-consumers, and the planet. With a commitment to action over words, Naternal™ demonstrates effective regeneration and paves the way for a more sustainable future.

Next-gen, bio-based biodegradable polymers

Beauty Biodeg Score by Solvay -

By leveraging the biodegradable by design approach, all Naternal™ products will be designed with the aim of leaving minimum traces in the environment. This means they will belong to categories A and B on the Beauty Biodeg Score, created by Syensqo experts to measure the level of degradation of beauty care ingredients by microorganisms over a given period of time. This score was established based on the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) guidelines, precisely the OECD 301 F and OECD 302 B. Thanks to this methodology, we are able to assign a biodegradability score to our ingredients.


A natural starting point for growth

Based on a forward-looking concept that combines the power of nature and science, Naternal™ groups together bio-based, biodegradable polymers for thickening and conditioning and will be the natural container for all future biodegradable beauty solutions derived from natural feedstocks that will also tackle the styling. Naternal™ cares about sourcing, performance, and the regenerative legacy for the planet.

Biodegradable conditioning polymers

Biodegradable thickening polymers 

How to Process Naternal™

How to process Naternal™ in Water - Water Process - op #1

How to process Naternal™ in Water - Water Process - op #2

How to process Naternal™ in Glycerin Perfume or Oil


Regeneration in action

Syensqo is committed to actions over words. Naternal™ is sustained by ground-breaking innovation from the Group’s scientists and its Renewable Materials and Biotechnology growth platform that ensures product development is driven by both application and end-of-life performances. 

Together with our “Beauty for the Planet” initiative, aimed at accelerating the transformation of sustainable beauty ideas into concrete day-to-day actions, Naternal™ provides the best biodegradable solutions for next-gen skin and hair care formulations.