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Reinventing the Future of Energy  

As energy reserves become more difficult to access and pressure mounts to diversify the energy mix, Syensqo helps energy companies operate in today’s most demanding environments while enabling the transition to a more sustainable energy landscape: one that is safer, cleaner and less resource-intensive. 

We provide the broadest range of oilfield additives, an expansive portfolio of specialty polymers and an evolving thermoplastic composites offer to help our customers reach the highest levels of operational performance while reducing costs and environmental impacts. Our multifunctional additives improve operational efficiency, sustainability and total cost of ownership, and our lightweight polymer-based materials for onshore and offshore applications improve the reliability of critical equipment and parts while contributing to reduced emissions.

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Explore all products for the Energy market. Syensqo offers a broad range of products and solutions to help energy companies meet increasingly stringent requirements and ambitious operational goals.

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