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Mining Solutions

Innovative Solutions to Shape the Future of Mining  

With more than a century of industry experience, Syensqo remains a leading partner to mining operations across the globe. Formulated with our deep understanding of technical requirements and environmental specifications in mind, our mining chemicals help address complex metallurgical challenges, boosting productivity and reducing operating costs. 

Our portfolio of mining reagents includes highly efficient product families and digital platforms that help operators create safer, more sustainable and more productive mining processes. Syensqo offers unmatched application expertise, on-site technical support and smart mining chemistry to overcome pervasive challenges across the mineral processing, solvent extraction and alumina mining sectors.

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Smart Mining Chemistry

Syensqo's innovative digital capabilities enhance our ability to provide insights and recommendations to customers.

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Mining Chemicals Handbook

Access more than a century of mining chemical insight and expertise at your fingertips.

Areas of Expertise

Discover High-Quality Solutions for Superior Mining Processes

Syensqo offers the mining industry an extensive reagent portfolio and digital platforms that take performance to the next level. From collectors and frothers, to solvent extractants, alumina processing chemicals, scale inhibitors and defoamers, we offer a reagent or service for virtually any mineral processing and mineral refining challenge. Explore our complete offer for mining solutions. 

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