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eGuide for oil and gas

E-Guide: Replacing Steel with High-Performance Materials in O&G Applications

Solutions for Demanding Onshore and Offshore Environments

 Oil and Gas is traditionally a steel-dominated industry.  However, the presence of  CO2 and H2S in oil and gas extraction can lead to corrosion effects on the internal surfaces of steel pipes and components, which can compromise asset integrity, contributing to  significant cost and environmental challenges. High-performance polymers can help O&G operators overcome the limitations of steel. 

In this E-Guide,  learn about the advantages of high-performance polymers and thermoplastic composites in improving the performance and sustainability profile of energy infrastructure thanks to their light weight and superior resistance properties.

Explore all areas where specialty polymers can bring added value, with a particular focus on:  

  • Flexible pipes for onshore (RTPs) and offshore environments
  • Thermoplastic composite pipes (TCPs)
  • Downhole environments
  • Equipment
  • Emerging sectors such as hydrogen and carbon capture, utilization & storage

Finally, discover why Syensqo's unique, vertically integrated portfolio of high-performance specialty polymers and thermoplastic composites offers a  one-stop-shop to address your  current and future material needs. 

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