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Syensqo in Korea

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About SYENSQO in Korea

Syensqo is a global company specializing in materials, offering innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies. In December 2023, it was spun off from the global company Solvay and has since played a leading role in areas including specialty polymers for electric vehicles, lightweight materials for aerospace, and biosourced solvents and surfactants for consumers.

Syensqo Korea provides customized solutions tailored to the characteristics of the Korean market, with a focus on sustainable development and technological innovation. To meet the diverse needs of customers and lead industry changes, Syensqo Korea continues to invest in research and development and maintains a deep understanding of the local market.

Syensqo Korea also establishes a collaborative model between education and industry by partnering with Ewha Womans University and operating a research center within the university's industry-academic cooperation center. Through ongoing collaboration between academia and industry, it contributes to positive societal and industrial impacts through scientific discoveries and technological innovations.



External view of RIC Seoul
Syensqo Korea R&I Center - The Sales, Business Support department and the Research Center are located.

Solvay Specialty Polymers Korea Company Ltd.

Specialty Polymers, Novecare, Aroma Performance, Composite Materials, and Korea R&I organization.

  • Phone : 02-2125-5400
  • Fax : 02-2125-5381
  • Address : 03759 150, Bugahyeon-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul 03759 Republic of Korea

Cytec Korea Inc. Korea Branch

Technology Solutions and Oil & Gas

  • Phone : 02-2125-5506
  • Fax : 02-2125-5381
  • Address : 03759 150, Bugahyeon-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul 03759 Republic of Korea


History of SYENSQO in Korea

1975Rhodia Silica Korea plant established in Incheon 
1987Solvay Special Chemicals plant established in Onsan
1999Established Solvay Chemicals Korea (P&I, EP) plant in Onsan
2011Solvay acquires Rhodia
2011Established headquarter GBU Solvay Special Chem in Seoul
2014Opened Ewha-Solvay R&I Center in Ewha university in Seoul (Current Syensqo Seoul R&I Center)
2016Established Solvay Silica Korea plant in Gunsan
2023Launch of Syensqo : Solvay completed the spin off of its Specialty business to Syensqo