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Ethics & Compliance
Ethics and Compliance

Our Program

Our Program

Integrity is a core value at Syensqo and we commit to living up to the highest ethical and regulatory standards. We make sure our actions stay true to our core beliefs.

These values help inform our decisions – supported by a strong commitment from our leadership to comply with ethical business regulations and actively demonstrate ethical behavior. We have a dedicated, independent Ethics & Compliance department that develops, manages, and oversees our Ethics & Compliance Program, which is based on four pillars:

Protecting a culture of integrity

Compliance doesn’t just mean adherence to laws, regulations, policies, and procedures. It’s also about fostering a workplace culture that’s ethical and rooted in the values of our company. It’s about being committed to doing the right thing. Creating an enjoyable and energizing work environment where everyone feels respected, and where we’re enabled to perform at our best. 

Establishing a strong “Speak Up” culture

At Syensqo, integrity means creating a work environment where everyone feels confident and comfortable speaking up and raising concerns. Particularly when witnessing potential breaches of the law, policies, Syensqo’s Ethics & Compliance standards or our Code of Business Integrity. 

Ensuring third-party oversight

Our Supplier Code of Business Integrity and internal due diligence procedures are pivotal to mitigating risk across our supply channel. They also help increase awareness of our compliance requirements and ensure adherence to regulatory and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards for third parties. 

Addressing and mitigating risks

Compliance and risk management are interconnected. We work hard to prevent problems before they happen. But, when necessary, we also implement corrective measures to make sure we’re adhering to our values and policies, and to the law. Combining insight and experience with a proactive approach, we’re able to quickly address the root cause of any issue.